A Year of Resilience, Gratitude and Hope

Vice Chancellor Clare Shinnerl
Vice Chancellor Clare Shinnerl

As I mark my first year with UC Davis, I’m grateful for the dedication, resilience and passion each of you bring every day. It has been a year of tremendous challenges and remarkable achievements, and I’m incredibly proud of how we've come together as an organization.

From our exceptional response to multiple severe-weather events, to our unyielding commitment to campus safety, and the progress we've made on implementing the new financial system, Aggie Enterprise, our division has shown the tenacity and spirit that defines us.

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While these achievements are remarkable, they came amidst staff shortages, budget constraints and unimaginable crises. Yet, each hurdle we faced reinforced my belief in our collective strength and determination. I'm genuinely humbled and honored to work with such a dedicated team.

Many of my cherished memories from this year involve meeting many of you, learning about your unique journeys and witnessing firsthand the profound impact made through your combined efforts. 

Thank you for your unwavering commitment to our shared vision. As we move forward, I’m excited for what the future holds and the milestones we'll achieve together.


With heartfelt gratitude,

Clare Shinnerl, Ed.D.
Vice Chancellor
Finance, Operations and Administration


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