Operating Units

Accounting and Financial Services

Matt Okamoto | Assistant Vice Chancellor and Controller

Provides accounting, financial reporting, procurement, tracking, and delivery of materials, supplies and equipment campus-wide. This unit includes:

Administrative IT

Radhika Prabhu | Executive Director

Provides division-wide information technology support and training to FOA units and individuals.

Budget and Institutional Analysis

Sarah Mangum | Budget Director
Steven Weisler | Chief Data Officer

Advises the Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor and other campus executives as to the efficient and effective management of campus operating budget resources, and has a dotted-line relationship to the Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor. This unit includes:

Campus Planning and Environmental Stewardship

Bob Segar | Associate Vice Chancellor

Responsible for the campus long range development plan, physical design framework, operations related to the campus landscape and grounds, and operations that promote the campus as a destination. This unit includes:

Design and Construction Management

Jim Carroll | Associate Vice Chancellor

Provides project management services to deliver large and small construction projects in support of the campus capital improvement program. This unit includes:

Facilities Management

Allen Tollefson | Associate Vice Chancellor

Responsible for the operation, maintenance and repair of buildings and building systems at UC Davis. This unit includes:

Finance and Resource Management

Lisa Frace | Chief Finance and Budget Officer

This unit includes:

Fire Department

Nathan Trauernicht | Fire Chief

Safeguards lives and property through prevention education and emergency and response.

Human Resources

Brenda Rebman | Chief Human Resources Officer

Sustains the campus workforce through recruitment, benefits administration, labor-relations services, mediation, and professional development. This unit includes:

Police Department

Joseph A. Farrow | Chief of Police

Ensures campus security through law enforcement, investigation, crime prevention and emergency planning. Note: FOA provides administrative support to the department; the Chief reports to the Provost/EVC.

Real Estate Services

Grant Rockwell | Assistant Vice Chancellor

Real Estate Services provides expertise in the strategic planning and implementation of a full complement of real estate services in support of the University's mission.

Safety Services

Eric Kvigne | Associate Vice Chancellor

Maintaining a safe and healthy environment, preparing the campus community to manage emergencies and disasters, and managing risk. This unit includes:

Supply Chain Management

Tim Maguire | Chief Procurement Officer

UC Davis Preferred Partnership Program (UP3)

Heather Hunter | Executive Director

Secures and manages campus-wide, collaborative and strategic partnerships with select business partners.

Office of the Vice Chancellor

Kelly Ratliff | Vice Chancellor

This unit includes:

  • Chief Finance and Budget Officer
  • Administrative IT
  • FOA Business Partners
  • FOA Human Resources
  • FOA Communications