About Our Division

We strive to make the university better every day.

Finance, Operations and Administration is one of only five Vice Chancellor divisions at UC Davis. We call it FOA, and we have the distinct pleasure of serving the entire university community.

We bear most of the responsibility for operating the campus, and ours is an award-winning division that strives to make the university better every day. That’s due to the 1,500 FOA professional in 13 departments whose contributions have helped make UC Davis one of the world’s greatest education and research institutions.

FOA serves the university in the following ways.


Simplified org chart of the division.


We serve multiple campuses.

FOA is proud to provide essential services across all university locations. Here is a sample of the services offered to UC Davis and UC Davis Health staff, academics and students.


map of california uc davis campuses and the units providing essential services


We make an impact.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our impact on the UC Davis community and here are a few ways we serve the university.


stats about our impact on the university