Causeway Connection to Run May 4

Thumbnail image.(April 17, 2020)  Causeway Connection is scheduled to begin service on a modified schedule.

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Photo of bus at terminal.
(Photo: Henri Teixeira/UC Davis)

We're Committed to the Causeway Connection

We’re still launching the Causeway Connection on Monday, April 6.

I’ll probably be one of just a few riders on it, but it’s a start for these buses and this service, which we need to connect our campuses.

The Causeway Connection was improved markedly with ridership involvement. It offers more direct trips, it’s free for six months, and it’s got some smart stops thrown in.

This milestone is just the beginning of our commitment to sustainable causeway commutes.

Commitment to the service.
With two campuses divided by 18 miles of highway, UC Davis will always need and have in place a service connection for commute and business needs. UC Davis is committed to having a shuttle service that meets the transit needs of our community.

Commitment to rider input.
Through the last months, we have committed to an established mechanism for rider participation with regular outreach on communication, regular meetings for riders to attend, comment opportunities on our website, and a clear avenue for riders to offer suggestions. UC Davis will actively advocate for additional solutions and improvements with the Causeway Connection partner agencies. The directors of Transportation Services and Parking and Transportation Services anticipate holding the first meeting in May.

Commitment to Monitoring.
Data for the new service will be collected for on-time performance, bus utilization, and rider satisfaction. The data will be shared with executives and board members of the partner agencies, along with the public.

It was nearly five months ago that I wrote to acknowledge shortcomings in our outreach to riders and we’ve come a long way since then. As noted above, we’ll always need direct, affordable and reliable transportation between our campuses and we are committed to a shuttle for the long-term.

I hope you’ll work remotely to the extent possible over the coming weeks, but the Causeway Connection will be running and the buses disinfected should you need a ride.

Kelly Ratliff
Vice Chancellor
Finance, Operations & Administration        

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