Three Firefighters with the slogan "We won't know unless you tell us. UC Davis Satisfaction Survey February 21- March 13

Satisfaction Survey 2019 – Here We Go Again!

Here’s your chance to make UC Davis an even better place to work. The second annual Academic and Staff Satisfaction Survey is coming back February 21 – March 13. The survey asks career staff and academics to rate dozens of administrative services, based on their experiences in 2018. This year, nearly 60 service lines are participating in the survey.

Of course there are free gifts for those who participate in the survey. But the real reason it’s worth taking the survey is to tell employee-facing units what they’re doing right and also how they can better serve you.

“After our inaugural survey last year, every participating department came up with action plans to improve services, based on customer responses,” said Chief Operating Officer and Assistant Vice Chancellor Blair Stephenson. “We expect results from the participating departments and future surveys will show whether those departments are headed in the right direction.”

Refreshed Marketing
In the days leading up to the survey, you’re going to start seeing some familiar faces on advertisements around campus. The models in this year’s “We won’t know unless you tell us” campaign are people we work with every day at UC Davis. See all the campaign photos here.

Departments taking part in the survey have a number of marketing materials at their fingertips. You can find an email signature, PowerPoint Slides, campaign posters and more in the marketing toolkit.
Any questions about the survey or its marketing can be directed to