Academic and Staff Satisfaction Survey Sees Increase in Participation in Second Year

Satisfaction Survey

13-Year UC Davis Health Employee Wins $500 Satisfaction Survey Gift Card

This past February and March, more than 7,500 employees across UC Davis and UC Davis Health took part in the second annual UC Davis Academic and Staff Satisfaction Survey. That’s an 8.5 percent increase, or 600 more respondents, from last year’s survey. Nearly 60 service lines took part, ranging from Human Resources to Design and Construction Management. That number is up from 41 last year, with the bulk of those service lines coming from Finance, Operations and Administration (FOA) departments.

Response By Campus

“We received a lot of valuable feedback from last year’s satisfaction survey and worked to improve our delivery of service,” Blair Stephenson, Assistant Vice Chancellor of FOA said. “We’re thrilled to see an even larger response this year as we continue to improve the quality service we provide to UC Davis staff and academics.”

UC Davis upped the ante this year by offering survey takers the chance to win a $500 Visa gift card. We’re excited to announce this year’s winner as Juliette West, a speech pathologist who has spent the last 13 years of her 20-year career at UC Davis Health. West said she chose to participate in the survey because she thinks there’s no downside to evaluating job performance.

Juliette West, 2019 Satisfaction Survey Gift Car Winner

“I feel like feedback is really important and it makes us better as a whole.” West said.

West currently works with patients who have suffered neurogenic disorders, such as strokes. She says she enjoys the pace of UC Davis Health and the fact that it’s a teaching environment.

The goal of the satisfaction survey each year is to establish an objective framework for continually assessing the effectiveness of campus administrative services. We couldn’t agree more with West and other UC Davis staff members – your feedback is invaluable and we look forward to hearing from you at next year’s survey!