Our Services

Keeping FOA on track to success

We can help achieve your goals through a team of highly skilled business professionals dedicated to the success of the units we partner with. To request any of the services listed here, please email foa-bp@ucdavis.edu.

  • Budget and Finance Services
  • - Annual Budget Process
    - Financial and Operation Reporting
    - Financial Forecasting and Projections Updates
    - Internal Audit Support
    - Long Range Planning
    - Rate Development
  • Business Services
  • - Purchasing
    - Accounts Payable
    - Billing
    - Account Management
    - Financial Systems Administration
    - Payroll and HR Support
    - Payroll Reports (OT, comp time, vacation, etc.)
    - HR Reports (probations, apprenticeships, etc.)
    - Service Agreements/DCA Processing
    - Cash Collections/Deposits
    - Capital Asset Management
  • Administrative Services
  • - Travel/Reimbursements
    - Phones
    - Mail
    - Office Supplies

The services we provide support FOA operational units by:
  • Facilitating informed decisions with expertise and objective analysis.
  • Delivering leading financial solutions to operational challenges.
  • Supporting the daily business needs of operational units.
  • Providing objective, comprehensive budget development and analysis.
  • Providing comprehensive and timely financial reporting and forecasting.
  • Collaborating and advising on the financial impact of proposed personnel actions.
  • Seeking out and implementing best practices across operational boundaries.
  • Investing in technological solutions to improve the delivery of services.