Photo of flag at half-mast outside Memorial Union.
(Photo: UC Davis)

Dear FOA Staff,

Last week, staff from across FOA worked together with representatives from our campus, the City of Davis and members of Officer Natalie Corona’s family to help arrange a funeral where thousands of members of our community, peace officers from throughout the state and others touched by her life could pay their respects.

I am deeply grateful for your commitment, concern and conscientiousness. You were able to reprioritize your daily tasks, not because you had to, but because you wanted to “do your part” and “show our appreciation” for Officer Corona — statements I heard frequently throughout our preparations. I have heard accolades and gratitude expressed from many in the community and at our campus and personally feel great pride about how our division, campus and community responded.

As a result of your efforts, and many others, the ceremony honoring Officer Corona was beautiful and fitting of her bravery to this community and dedication to her family.

Thanks for all you do.

Kelly Ratliff

Vice Chancellor
Finance, Operations and Administration