Policies and regulations

VC Admin is responsible for all UC Davis administrative policies and delegations of authority for FOA, offering a variety of resources for both policy users and developers, as well as resources related to issuing and understanding delegations of authority. 

The campus-wide Policy and Procedure Manual (PPM) contains administrative policies that are relevant to the campus at large. The campus-wide Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) contains the UC Davis procedures implementing the systemwide personal policies for staff members. We provide official information on UC Davis Delegation of Authority (DA) about currently active, superseded, and inactive delegations of authority for the FOA

When the source of the authority is a Presidential delegation, the local re-delegation retains the Presidential delegation number. When the source of the authority is any other Presidential document (e.g., Business and Finance Bulletin letter), the re-delegation is numbered with the prefix "UCD DA" and a 3-digit number assigned by the Administrative Policy Unit.

Delegations of authority are always delegated to the position, not the individual.

Additional information about delegations of authority is available at:

For questions on the development and management of Campus Administrative Policies, please contact Michele Hassett at lkchance@ucdavis.edu.