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Staff Profile: Stacey Waller

Stacey Waller is a Business Technical Support Analyst with Administrative IT's Client Services group.

When did you join the University?
I joined in April 2013.

How is your work making the University better?
As a Business Technical Support Analyst, I assist staff to ensure their computers and programs are running as expected. When systems or programs are not functional, I work individually or with my team at Administrative IT to get our customers back up and running to keep the University chugging along.

Though what I really do to make the University better is to treat each person as an old friend and to make them smile, laugh and in some small way, whether for five minutes or the whole day, forget their troubles and enjoy what they do at the University.

What’s your advice for providing good customer service?
Be friendly! Even if your customers are having a bad day and you are getting the brunt of their frustrations, don't take it personally, but treat them personally. Patience is definitely a virtue you must have and utilize in a customer service role. Being a good listener also is essential, as sometimes people just need to vent and once they get out their frustrations and feel like someone is listening to them.

How do you help build community at UC Davis?
I like to help plan events and parties for the departments I work with and encourage others to join in on the fun.  I seek to make folks feel included at events or out in the community, through introductions or inviting them to join me.

If you could “job shadow” for a day, who would you choose?
I would love to job shadow the person in the Primate Center that has the job to feed, play with and work with the baby primates.  What could be better than cuddly a baby monkey for a day?

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