Photo of Eileen Beltran.

Staff Profile: Eileen Beltran

Eileen Beltran is a Business Technical Support Analyst with the Administrative IT's Client Services group.

When did you join the University?
In February 1990.

How is your work making the University better?
As part of the Admin IT Client Services team, I provide technical support for FOA. I also purchase and manage the software licenses throughout FOA. I strive to resolve customers' technical issues and complete their requests.

Because departments managed their own software prior to FOA, we had many different software agreements, licenses and renewal dates. I worked on consolidating our existing licenses, researched and worked with vendors to get the best price solutions, and ensured we were properly licensed. Since I have been managing our software purchases these past two years, we were able to save over $20,000 annually.

What’s your advice for providing good customer service?
My advice is to be polite and take the time to listen, then summarize a customer's request to ensure their request is understood. Also, be patient--a customer might not have the technical skills to properly explain what issues they are experiencing, or how to explain what they are trying to accomplish. A smile also goes a long way. I feel that by taking the time to listen to a customer's issues and/or requests, I can help minimize their frustrations.

How do you help build community at UC Davis?
I volunteer as much as I can for various events and conferences. Also, when I am walking about on campus, I try to greet people with a smile.

If you could "job shadow" for a day, who would you choose?
I would like to job shadow Cheryl Washington (Chief Information Security Officer) for a day. At the UCCSC this year, I had the opportunity to hear her on a panel for women, and what she shared impacted on how I see women in IT. Cheryl plays an integral part in ensuring the safety and integrity of campus information and information assets.

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