Finance, Operations and Administration (FOA) at UC Davis oversees 13 unique units that help administer campus planning, facilities, safety, finance and resource management. To further strengthen our services, FOA provides six divisional resources to keep our operations running smoothly.

Recent News

AggieBudget: A New Day for Campus Budgeting

August 24, 2018
For years, campus budget officers have made do with the tools they had to manage budgets with complex funding sources and unique business models. Not anymore.

Staff Profile: Stacey Waller

August 23, 2018
"What I really do to make the University better is to treat each person as an old friend and to make them smile...forget their troubles and enjoy what they do at the University."

Staff Profile: Robert Wachter

August 19, 2018
"Listen, care, follow-up, never give up and work towards consensus and results."