Human Resources Services

Human Resources for Finance, Operations and Administration (FOA) provides a myriad of services for the university.

Position Management

  • Layoff Administration: consultation prior to taking actions, participate in meeting with impacted employee.
  • Reorganizational Actions: consultation prior to implementing actions impacting employees’ positions, workload, working conditions, etc.
  • Position Review: assists in the development of position descriptions, consults and or drafts positions for management review and comment.

Recruitment Assistance

  • Assist in the development of the position description to be submitted to SSC
  • Develop and/or review interviewing questions
  • Participate as a panel member(if requested)
  • Interview scheduling (if requested)
  • Reference checking

Employee and Labor Relations

  • Grievance Response and representation: In partnership with department managers and Labor Relations, drafts responses to grievances, attends hearings, etc.
  • Performance Management/Employee Performance Consultation: in partnership with managers/supervisors, drafts and or reviews Letters of Expectations, Letters of Warning, Letters of Suspension, Dismissals, Annual Appraisals etc.
    • Partners with E&LR Consultant, Terri De La Mora for review of disciplinary actions/documents.
  • Exit Interviews: conduct/gather information and feedback from employees who voluntary leave their positions (promotions, retirements, transfers, etc.)
  • Sexual Harassment Complaints: Sexual Harassment Advisor (for FOA), Nancy Hernandez, provides consultation on the handling/investigation/and follow up actions on complaints. Coordinates with Central HR, the Harassment & Discrimination Assistance and Prevention Program and UC Davis LDO (locally designated official).


  • Administration of campus personnel programs including: equity and pay for performance.
  • Salary and Equity Analysis – For salary offers, reclassifications, equity requests, etc.
  • Stipend Requests: reviewed by, HR Manager Nancy Hernandez, before submitting to SSC for processing. 
  • Equity Requests: off-cycle requests reviewed by HR Manager, Nancy Hernandez, before submitting to SSC for processing. 

Other Services

  • Training and Development: provides consultation, coordination and assistance in the development of training plans for individuals and/or training programs for teams.
  • Employee Leaves: provide policy guidance/assistance if needed. (Supervisors are encouraged to work directly with SSC on all leaves.