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Digest: Employee feedback makes a difference

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As leaves unfurl and more smiles emerge, hopefully you’re feeling a tentative spring in your step as we start a new quarter. But we’ve been changed, haven’t we? And our favorite old traditions may now feel both familiar and new, beloved and awkward.

Change takes work. We all know that keeping an institution as large as UC Davis responsive and nimble can be challenging. You know the realities of this place and this community, its opportunities and challenges.  

So, we want to learn from your insights — as evidenced by the many surveys delivered to your inbox. And we’re all working together to respond meaningfully with actual change based on that feedback from you.

This edition of the Digest includes ways you can speak up, pointers that show campus responses and some spring cleaning updates. We’re making plans for a future edition of the Digest, so tell us how you feel about this one and how we might better serve your needs next time.


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  • Take the Staff Experience Survey now - Staff members: Tell your supervisor (and their supervisors) how you feel about working for UC Davis and what can make working here better, by responding to 27 questions confidentially. Take this 5-minute survey now.
  • See how feedback has shaped campus services: After four years of that other employee survey — the Academic and Staff Satisfaction Survey — trends and improvements are visible for groups like construction management, custodial and employee relations. See improvements driven by survey results.
  • Build skills for flexible work variations: With more than half of Davis campus staff members formally working remote or hybrid schedules, learning how to manage connections and flexibility is more important than ever. Sign up for webinars aimed at staff members and at supervisors.
  • Find faculty member insights: Results from last year’s COACHE Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey are being processed and will be shared by Academic Affairs in coming months. See past results of faculty satisfaction surveys.
  • Compare employee insights from UC survey: Last year a sample of staff members were invited to take the UC Staff Engagement Survey, which is sponsored at all UC campuses by the Council of University of California Staff Assemblies. See how UC Davis responses compare to UC and industry norms.
  • Stuck with a commuting question? If you have parking, biking or other transit concerns, Transportation Services team members are ready to engage over Slack. Join 400 other Aggies on the #transportationservices Slack channel.
  • Too hot, too cold, or just right? Report whether you’re warm or cold in specific campus buildings to help adjust HVAC settings and identify energy savings opportunities. Try out the 'Thermoostat'.
  • Talk with a police officer or dispatcher? Rate your interaction with a member of the UC Davis Police Department, to help them improve service. See tools for campus police feedback and accountability.


/campus ready

  • Remember when you'll need a mask: Face coverings are strongly recommended, but no longer required in UC Davis facilities — with the exception of COVID-19 testing kiosks, health care settings and public transit where they are required of everyone. Stay current on mask requirements.
  • Keep up with changes to COVID-19 testing: You still need to wear a mask and take the Daily Symptom Survey when you get tested for COVID-19 on campus, but the spring quarter started with some other changes to testing requirements — specifically for employees and students who are not “current” on vaccination status. Get testing updates.
  • Know you can use COVID-19 leave if you need it: UC Davis employees can access an additional 80 hours of Emergency Paid Sick Leave for 2022, in addition to any unused 2021 EPSL hours, for work absences related to quarantine, isolation, diagnosis and childcare closures. Check COVID-19 leave details for all employees.
  • Move forward with planning campus events: Planning requirements have been updated, which provide guidance for UC Davis-sponsored events, including trainings, camps and mega events. See current event guidance.
  • Celebrate campus efforts to keep employees: More than 200 staff positions were saved through the Temporary Opportunities for Work program, which was recently retired now that campus is fully operating at pre-pandemic levels. Hear from employees who persevered through pandemic job changes.


/spring business

  • Catch up on business system changes: If you use AggieBuy, Kuali, FIS-DS or AggieBudget, then join a town hall for a Q&A and overview of how the new Aggie Enterprise system will transform business operations at UC Davis. Register now for the April 13 webinar.
  • Weigh in on vice chancellor candidates: Participate in the recruitment process for the Vice Chancellor of Finance, Operations and Administration with the first in-person public forums scheduled for tomorrow and Monday; recordings will be made available. Provide feedback until April 15.
  • Catch up with campus construction updates: With the new Teaching and Learning Complex now in use, find out how 130 old classrooms on campus have gone from “drab to fab.” Explore classroom renovations and other featured projects like the new Coffee Center.
  • How to support small, diverse suppliers: Learn how UC Davis purchasers can do business with small and diverse suppliers locally at the Diverse Supplier Expo. Register to attend this April 25 event online.
  • Honor a sustainability champion: Nominate a student, faculty member or staff member for the campuswide Sustainability Champion Awards for their efforts to foster sustainability, advocate for environmental stewardship and create awareness of related justice issues. Nominations are due by May 1.
  • Submit for staff awards and scholarships: Now is the time to nominate staff members for citations of excellence and/or apply for staff scholarships coordinated by Staff Assembly. Nominations and applications are due April 8.


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