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Digest: Employee checklist for returning to a new normal

returning to a new normal

There have already been many messages about what to expect this summer and fall, whether you're working on campus or remotely. Kudos if you've been following along, but we're all busy and may have missed details.

The Digest aims to provide you with a useful list of tasks and updates you may need to consider during this period of change.

You can expect one more Digest email to be sent to all employees, closer to the start of the fall quarter.

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  • When will most people return to campus? Between July and September, plans for fall are gradually being implemented, and managers are encouraged to provide 30 days’ notice of any changes to current work arrangements. Explore the timeline.  
  • What if I'd like to continue working from home? Employees who want to continue working from home should talk with their supervisors about the possibility of a long-term flexible work agreement. Consider your remote work preferences by taking the Remote-Ability Self Assessment.  
  • If I work from home, will I still have a workspace on campus? When a remote employee works on site, a workspace (potentially shared) will be made available to them according to parameters defined at the school, college or division level. You can find discussion of this topic in the Workplace Reimagined webinar video and slides.

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/in the office

  • Do we need to contact Facilities before we return to unoccupied offices? Email to let them know the timing and frequency of your return so they can staff appropriately, as they prepare buildings for your return. Find out how they are walking through buildings to prepare for fall occupancy.
  • What if I need my building unlocked this summer? The Facilities team will have all buildings unlocked by the start of the fall quarter. If your building needs to be unlocked earlier, call 530-752-1655.
  • Does my building have compost now? Maybe! Eleven buildings now have access to compost bins as part of a pilot project with new, centrally located “zero waste” bins that will expand to more buildings soon.
  • Find where the new compost bins are located.
  • Will common areas continue to be cleaned during the day? During the pandemic many custodians switched from night to day shifts, which will continue even after the fall quarter starts because they can respond more quickly if a problem comes up. Learn more about the custodial faces you’ll be seeing around your building.
  • What happened to our building’s COVID-19 signs? Some signage has been removed regarding public health practices that are no longer mandated, but we have some new signs for you to post if you need them. Learn about the new COVID-19 signage.

/what's new on campus

Looking up, from under walkway canopy, at Walker Hall entrance
New south entrance to Walker Hall, where renovations are now complete.
UC Davis Health campus clinic building
The UC Davis Health Campus Clinic held its open house virtually in January 2021.


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