The FOA Wordmark

FOA Wordmark


The FOA wordmark is our main visual identifier. It is the core graphic used to identify operating units, programs, and initiatives.

The wordmark should be used with discipline including consistent formatting, not altering it any way, using appropriate scaling and proportions, and making sure it is visible and not hidden with other graphics and backgrounds. 

There are several version of the wordmark including 1-line, 2-lines, centered, all white, blue, etc. These versions should be used when the occasion calls for it.

alternate wordmarks



AVC-Level and Department Wordmarks

The most commonly-used wordmarks are the associate and assistant vice chancellor (AVC) level wordmarks. We use these highest-level org wordmarks most often so that our customers become familiar with the larger organization within FOA. Beyond that, we only create wordmarks for operating units, divisional resources, and approved initiatives.

facilities wordmark


Click on the department name below to view/download the available wordmarks.

Divisional Resources
  • Administrative IT
  • Business Partners
  • Communications
  • Conference & Events Services
  • HR
Budget and Institutional Analysis
Campus Planning & Environmental Services
  • Campus Planning
  • Transportation Services
  • Arboretum and Public Garden
  • Office of Sustainability
  • Landscape Architecture
Facilities Management
  • Facilities
  • Utilities
  • Fleet Services
  • Energy Conservation Office
  • Facilities Management
  • Custodial Services
  • Building Maintenance Services
  • Student Accounting
  • Payroll Services
  • Tax Reporting
  • Financial Reporting
Real Estate Services
Safety Services
  • Staff and Faculty Health and Well-being
  • Fire Prevention
  • Risk Services
  • Occupational Health
  • Environmental Health and Safety
  • Emergency Management 
Supply Chain Management
  • Repro Graphics
  • Travel
  • Special Services
  • Procurement & Contracting
  • Microscope Services
  • Mail
  • Furniture
  • Event Rentals
  • Bank Card
  • Distribution
  • AggieSurplus
  • Accounts Payable



Specialty Wordmarks

The UC Davis brand does not include logos and wordmarks for every group on campus — if they did, there would be infinite amount of logos! That's why we reserve specialty logos for approved initiatives, campaigns and systems. 

Examples of approved specialty wordmarks:

FOA alternative logos



Wordmark Usage

General Use

To ensure consistency, please use all FOA wordmarks in accordance with the following:

Clear Space

Careful consideration must be used when placing the wordmarks close to other text and graphics. Clear space is same as the height of the UC Davis wordmark. This helps ensure that other elements do not appear to be connected with the logo.

logo clear space

The two-color (gold and navy) logo on a white background is the preferred usage.Single-color logos should be used sparingly and when appropriate An all-white logo can be used at times on UC Davis colors.

logo colors

Improper Usage

The following examples illustrate usages that compromise the integrity of the logo. Please avoid utilizing any of these techniques. Do not alter the wordmark in anyway including changing the color, contrast, proportions, typeface, etc. 

In addition, do not reproduce the logo by scanning a previously printed version.

improper usage