Typography is another form of branding and has been established by the university brand, managed by Strategic Communications. Just like the wordmark, it is used as a visual identifier and lets the audience know that they are viewing a piece that belongs to the department. At UC Davis and within FOA, there are two approved typefaces that should be used in a consistent manner.


Campus Typefaces

Proxima Nova

This is Proxima Nova, the new campus font. Proxima Nova can be purchased at https://software.ucdavis.edu/index.cfm. Log in, click “Fonts” on the left-hand menu, and follow the download and installation instructions.

proxima nova font

If Proxima Nova is not available, please use Calibri. Calibri is available on every computer, both PC and Mac.

calibri typeface

Print Copy Guidelines

Usage for stories, flyers and other messages: To help with textual consistency throughout all FOA branded communications, use this preferred example of font hierarchy as a guide for marketing collateral.

print guidelines