FOA Shared Identity Templates

The goal of new identity system is to visually unify all FOA units. The colors are based on the FOA organizational chart, using university primary colors and select secondary colors. Templates and digital assets will be provided as needed. 

Unit Fact Sheets

Use your operating unit's or department's brand color in the smaller triangle on the far right. Place a one-line horizontal wordmark in the upper corner. Use a relevant photo in the header.

shared identity example


FOA Powerpoint Templates

Each FOA operating unit has a PowerPoint template that they can download. The cover features their wordmark and graphic in the right-hand corner. Download your unit's template and place your own content into the slides.

Download FOA Powerpoint templates

FOA powerpoint template screenshot

FOA Letterhead

This shows the approved layouts with the primary elements of the stationery system for the front of the letterhead. The letterhead will be used for all official communication that is going out of FOA. Refer to the hierarchy order below when using the FOA letterheads. Please use a one-line horizontal wordmark at the bottom.

foa letterhead example

FOA Iconography

An icon is a pictogram displayed on a screen or print layout in order to help the user navigate through the content in a easier way. The icon itself is a small picture or symbol serving as a quick and intuitive representation of neighboring content.

grid of icons on different background colors


  • White icons need to be placed on only an approved primary or secondary color.
  • Use sparingly on the website or print collateral.
  • Upscale only proportional.
  • Use blue or black icons on white background.

Download icons to use in your projects.

Campus Signage

FOA and its units support campus wayfinding, and our signs show how we employ university branding in the public and the environment. Samples of signage:

  • Building Signs
  • Campus Maps
  • Road Signs
  • Structure Banners
  • Directions
wayfinding examples

Apparel & Promotional Items

Here are some examples of how our wordmarks are placed on FOA-branded apparel. Care must be given to each embroidered application. Proper thread count, material selection and fabric color should be carefully chosen. Fabrics with a tight weave are best for embroidery. The logo should not be smaller than 1” in height, and white or navy fabrics are preferred. The logo cannot be modified on apparel or merchandise. Text or other graphics should not be grouped with the primary logo.

promo items
If you are interested in developing any promotional items, please contact: