Photo Resources

FOA Photography

Photographs should be light, bright and friendly. Try to show appropriate, natural, contextual interactions wherever possible. Be sure to always include a human element. The focus should include a person or people engaged in a meaningful way within the context of the photo.

photo examples
When using photos, please:
  • Use high-resolution photos
  • Capture natural smiles
  • Find well-light scenery
When using photos, please don't:
  • Use staged portrait-styles
  • Use generic stock photos
  • Use close-ups of buildings
  • Use grainy/pixelated photos
  • Crop heavily
  • Use dramatic filters
  • Show safety standards being ignored (lab safety, biking, etc.)

Photography Resources

There are several sources for high-quality, UC Davis photos to enhance presentations, websites and publications. The resources below are a preferred alternative to clip art or stock photos. In addition, please contact FOA Communications to inquire about finding and using photos from our growing FOA photography inventory.

UC Davis Strategic Communications provides photography information, guidance and resources for campus communicators.

Photo Libraries

The photos on the following sites may be used by UC Davis staff for university internal communications. Photographers should be credited as required.