Campus Safety Oversight Committee

Campus Safety Oversight Committee
2022-23 Academic Year


The Campus Safety Oversight Committee, led by the Vice Chancellor for Finance, Operations and Administration, serves an important advisory role to improve communications and transparency about our public safety goals and improvements as we implement recommendations from multiple university groups.

Members of the committee are students, faculty and staff representing the Davis and Sacramento campuses. Student representatives were selected through a nomination process.

Launched in November 2021, the committee meets quarterly and otherwise as needed to discuss new initiatives as well as changes to existing policies and procedures to better serve stakeholders at each location. In addition to the recommendations from multiple university groups, the committee also references the Campus Safety Recommendations report from Public Safety Policy Analyst Kelechi Ohiri (April 2021).

Progress Toward Campus Safety Reforms



  • Clare Shinnerl – Vice Chancellor, Finance, Operations and Administration

Committee Members

  • Ethan Christensen – Law Students Association President

  • Angela Azevedo Colback – School of Medicine Student Representative

  • Radhika Gawde – ASUCD President​​​​​​


  • Kougang "Anne" Mbe – Betty Irene School of Nursing Student Representative

  • ​​​​​​Tez Stair – Graduate Student Association President or Designee

  • (TBD) – ASUCD Alternative Crisis Response Task Force

Faculty and Staff
  • Joseph Farrow – UC Davis Police Department, Chief of Police

  • Lisa Feldman – UC Davis Staff Assembly Representative

  • Kate Folker – UC Davis Police Department, Accreditation Manager

  • Tammy Kenber – Human Resources, Chief Human Resources Officer

  • Megan Macklin – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Program Manager


  • Ahmet Palazoglu – Academic Senate Vice Chair

  • Pablo Reguerin – Student Affairs Vice Chancellor

  • Maleah Vidal – Campus Counsel, Assistant Campus Counsel

  • (TBD) – Student Affairs Public Safety Analyst

  • (TBD) – UC Davis Health Staff Assembly Representative​​​​​​

Staff Support
  • Blair Stephenson – FOA Vice Chancellor's Office

  • Jennifer Eting – FOA Communications

  • De Doan – Institutional Analysis