Hear from Vice Chancellor Kelly Ratliff about the importance of the new FOA Supervisors Training program, in this short video.


Investing in FOA supervisors

The Finance, Operations and Administration division at UC Davis recognizes that supervisors play a vital role in meeting campus goals and making the university better every day. We are deeply committed to building a workplace that supports employees, upholds university standards and embraces the UC Davis Principles of Community.

All FOA units have decided to invest in professional development for their teams' supervisors, to build a shared set of skills across the division that will improve workplace relationships, policy awareness and leadership strengths.

How the FOA Supervisor Training program will work

The new FOA Supervisor Training program will require all FOA supervisors to complete:

All FOA supervisors will be required to complete the training program within 18 months of the program launch date of July 1, 2020. Those hired after July 1, 2020 will have 18-months from the date of hire to complete the program. Courses already completed will count toward this requirement, so employees may choose to begin taking existing courses now. Employees required to take these courses should work with their supervisors to decide appropriate scheduling.

Employees who complete the series will receive an FOA Supervisor certificate. Courses will be tracked through the UC Learning Management System.

Exceptions, questions and more details

With approximately 150 supervisors in FOA, any exceptions to this policy will be reviewed by the the FOA Divisional Resources Associate Vice Chancellor and the FOA Human Resources Director.

More details, including the additional video courses, will be available when the FOA Supervisor Training program officially launches July 1, 2020.

For questions in the meantime, please contact Nancy Hernandez at nlhernandez@ucdavis.edu.