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Digest: Employee checklist for fall’s return 🍂

returning to new routines

We're all doing our best to welcome students back to campus this fall. This after nearly 18 months of rolling with the punches while we work — whether that has meant wearing masks, managing uncertainties, juggling childcare, or worrying about the health of ourselves and the people we love.

It’s understandable that following campus emails and policy changes might not have been your top priority. Thank you for doing your best and following along! We’re sending this email to all Davis campus employees, to help you catch any details you might have missed from preparations so far.

We hope your fall quarter starts smoothly! Please be patient with yourself and kind with our community, as we roll our way into some new Aggie routines.

We’re making plans for a few more Digest emails like this throughout the year, so tell us how you feel about this edition and how we might better serve your needs next time.

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  • Know your ventilation from your filtration: To help mitigate the risk of viral infection and balance potential air quality issues due to smoke, Facilities Management teams have installed higher-rated air filters where feasible and increased the amount of outside air supplied to spaces, where allowed (except during wildfire smoke events). Find details, including building-specific information.
  • Know wildfire season plans: Learn how UC Davis makes decisions using the Air Quality Index and plans related to wildfire smoke, outdoor workers, indoor air quality, power outages and campus operating status. Find out how we plan for wildfires and potential impacts.
  • Reduce water use in the drought: You can help campus reduce water use during this drought, especially if you notice leaks or water waste such as a running toilet, faucet problem or broken irrigation. Find out how to report water problems.

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