To establish a uniform protocol for staff who need assistance with creative services, in accordance with 310-40, University Communications: Publications, Graphic Standards, Marketing, Social Media, and Media Relations.


A Communications team member will respond within 24 hours of receiving the request. An initial meeting will be scheduled to determine the time required for the project. Project completion rates vary, depending on the nature of the project request.

Services Defined

The Communications team provides comprehensive creative services from concept, design to production through graphic design, photography and/or illustration. Services provided by the Communications team include: (sample list)

  • Brochures
  • Wordmarks*
  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Invitations
  • Signage
  • Icons
  • Advertisements
  • Web graphics
  • Reports
  • Graphs/Charts
  • Maps
  • Memes

* UC Davis has a strict policy that prohibits departments from developing unique logos and other identity marks, other than approved wordmarks.

The Communications team follows UC Davis visual identity standards, including fonts, colors and photos. More information can be found on Marketing Toolbox.

Please be advised that due to the volume of requests received, we must use our discretion to prioritize projects, or refer you to an alternate resource.


All creative projects will include an initial consultation between the Communications team and the project manager, or project team requesting the work. The Communications team will learn about the scope of the project, as well as its complexity during this meeting, and will allow the team to brainstorm and make initial suggestions.


Submit a request for services by emailing FOACommunications@ucdavis.edu. In the request, submit the following:

  • Deadline for the project
  • Type of service (i.e. brochure, poster, invitation, etc.)
  • Intended audience
  • Goals of the project (i.e. awareness, training, etc.)

Alternative Vendors

The Communications team is happy to refer you to a vendor that would best fit your project needs, and help manage the project as well. A list of approved, off-campus vendors is available on the UC Davis Marketing Toolbox.


The Communications team can help you manage production of your project, if needed. The department will need to provide the department account number for billing purposes, and the Communications team will handle coordinating schedules with the printer.