To establish a uniform process for staff who wish to obtain construction project signage, in order to improve visual communication where movement and access might be disrupted, as well as keep the campus informed about improvements being made on campus.


A communications team member will respond within 24 hours of receiving the request. Project completion rates vary between three business days and several weeks, depending on the nature of the project request.

Services Defined

Construction is an ongoing effort at UC Davis, whether it be the construction of new buildings and sites, or renovating existing buildings and offices. The Communications team offers assistance with full signage projects, banners, and temporary, multi-use signage for both indoors and outdoors.

Project Partners

  • Capital and Space Planning
  • Design and Construction Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Minor Capital Projects
  • Real Estate Services
  • Student Housing and Dining
  • Arboretum and Public Garden
  • Campus Planning and Community Resources
  • Grounds and Landscape Services
  • Civil and Industrial Engineering

Sign Recharge Estimates

  • Wood sign for in-ground posts:  $1,000
  • Banners (depending on size):  $50–$200
  • A-frame hardware:  $70
  • A-frame-sized sign:  $50
  • Mini A-frame hardware:  $35
  • Mini A-frame-sized sign:  $30


Submit a request for services to FOAcommunications@ucdavis.edu.

In the request, please provide the following details:

  • Project Manager name and contact information
  • Scope of work
  • Any examples of signs that have already been created, if applicable

After the request has been received, a sample sign will be prepared for the project manager’s review. Once a design and verbiage has been agreed upon, a request for a recharge number will be made, and the project will be submitted for printing. The product will be delivered to the project manager at their place of business once completed, and the project manager or requestor is responsible to arrange the posting and hanging of signs.