How to Obtain Communications Services


To establish a uniform process for staff who wish to obtain communication services, in order for the Communications team to manage the details of each request efficiently and with improved turnaround times, in accordance with PPM 310-40 Communications and Technology, University Communications: Publications, Graphic Standards, Marketing, Social Media and Media Relations.


A Communications team member will respond to each request within 24 hours of receiving the request. An initial meeting will be scheduled to determine the time required for the project. Project completion rates vary between three business days and several weeks, depending on the nature of the project request.

Services Defined

The Communications team can assist with many services, including strategic planning, writing and editing, website strategy and design, event promotions, graphic design, and photography. Please be advised that due to the amount of requests received, and time-sensitivity of certain projects, we must use our discretion to prioritize projects accordingly, or refer you to a resource who can assist with your request.

Strategic Planning

Strategic communication planning can contribute to the success of any project. Using communication strategies to increase awareness and understanding through the development of compelling messages, conveyed thoughtfully via specific channels to reach your intended audience can improve effectiveness. Consult with the Communications team to identify the best framework to deliver strategic communications for your project, including promotional, informational, and change management projects. We will evaluate the project goal and audience and suggest tactics that help achieve your desired results.

Writing and Editing

Written documentation, reports, and communications are critical aspects to every project at UC Davis. The Communications team provides writing and editing assistance for news stories, correspondence, messaging, official reports, and other written communication customized for your target audiences.

Website Strategy

Websites are a critical platform to deliver information that increases awareness and understanding of the services offered by our departments. The Communications team can help you evaluate options and find a design that’s right for your audience, and that includes state-of-the-art technology, security, and is standards-compliant. Website strategy ensures the product is functional, easily accessible, and accomplishes the department’s goals.

Event Promotions

The Communications team can help you identify best approach for promoting your event by delivering strategic and creative communication services that reach your target audience. In addition, we can help load your event onto the campus calendar.

Graphic Design

Design products – whether a brochure, poster, swag, identity materials, report covers and more – offer visual appeal to whatever project you are working on. The Communications team can help develop a design for your materials that meets university design guidelines, all while considering the target audience for the project.


Capturing events on campus and employee profile pictures is a great way to ensure your event or team make a lasting impression. Photography is an instrumental tool in telling your story. The Communications team will help capture those memorable moments.


Submit a request for services by emailing In the request, please provide as many details as possible, including:

  • Deadline for the project
  • Type of service (i.e. assistance writing a news story, design help, website help, launch a new product, etc.)
  • Intended audience
  • Goals of the project (i.e. awareness, training, etc.)
  • Point of contact for the project

Services Not Currently Offered

While we are striving to offer additional services, the Communications team currently does not have video or social media capabilities. But we can advise you on the project and suggest pre-approved local vendors who offer services to meet the needs of your project.


Academic Technology Services costs approximately $500 for 1.5 hours of recording with a single camera, and $1200 for 2-3 cameras, lights, and other hardware. Strategic Communications compiled a third party list of trusted vendors offering videography services. Video production costs range per vendor, but typically cost $2,500 per minute of edited video. In some case, Strategic Communications video team may be able to work on high-impact video projects.

Social Media

Strategic Communications oftentimes can assist with social media posting on official UC Davis channels. Please contact the FOA Communications team for support and advice.