Telecommuting Initiative

April 2015

Telecommuting is intended to create flexible conditions that allow employees to integrate their work and personal lives more effectively and better manage issues such as commuting, continuing education, and more. Additionally, it can benefit the University in numerous ways such as improved employee retention, cost savings, morale and productivity, as well help to alleviate space concerns due to our ever growing campus.

In an effort to support this commitment, Finance, Operations and Administration (FOA) has initiated a telecommuting program designed for our organization. Supervisors and employees are expected to work through the program cohesively and are expected to periodically review the telecommuting arrangement to identify successes as well as challenges.

Supervisors are also encouraged to participate however, their participation must be in proportion to that of telecommuting employees.


a.)  Employee requests a telecommuting arrangement. The supervisor and/or department will then consider operational needs, staffing, space, and health and safety concerns before granting approval of requests. As a tool for working through these considerations, supervisors may elect to use the campus Checklist for Developing a Workplace Flexibility Agreement.

b.)  If approved, the employee and department must complete the campus Workplace Flexibility Agreement: Telecommuting.

Duration/Review Process:

a.)  Arrangements will be reviewed at six months into the program. No space will be backfilled until the first six month review has occurred.

b.)  The supervisor and/or department head reserve the right to immediately end agreements as a result of performance concerns or operational needs.


a.)   A written agreement clarifying both the employee’s and supervisor’s expectations is required and shall be documented via the campus Workplace Flexibility Agreement: Telecommuting.

b.)   Employee will report to campus one or two days a week for the first six months. Once the arrangement is deemed successful, the employee’s space will be backfilled. Consequently, the employee will work from a “hoteling” space when reporting to campus. Please note- employees may be expected to report to campus at any time as requested by their supervisor and/or department for operational needs such as meetings, routine updates, etc.

For further information on developing a telecommuting arrangement, please visit the UC Davis Workplace Flexibility page at


To ensure that both employees and supervisors are supported in making this transition to alternative work arrangements, VC- CFO  HR Manager will coordinate regular group meetings for supervisors to share successes and tools in managing off-site employees.