Deferred Maintenance

About the Project Blog

The UC Davis Deferred Maintenance blog page provides more information about specific projects supported by DM funding. Not every DM project project has a corresponding blog article. These blog posts can be filtered by the categories listed on the right. These categories are the same as those found in the Deferred Maintenance Project Plan

Waterproofing the Foundation Plant Services building

August 22, 2018 - Water penetration and disintegrating stucco is no longer a problem at the Foundation Plant Services building thanks to deferred maintenance funding and a dedicated Facilities Management team.

Made for the shade: School of Education gets a pergola upgrade

July 22, 2018 - School of Education gets a pergola upgrade courtesy of deferred maintenance funding. The updated pergola is structurally sound, has a long lasting exterior stain, and 500 new aluminum slats that come with a lifetime warranty and a guarantee not to fade.

An oldie but a goodie

May 31, 2018 - Boiler #1 has been operating now for almost six months as the backup boiler at the Central Heating and Cooling Plant despite its decommissioning almost two years ago. This boiler constitutes about 23 percent of capacity for the plant and can produce 100,000 pounds of steam an hour.

Website tracks where UC Davis invests deferred maintenance funds

After years of drastic decreases in state funds, the university secured a $90 million Century Bond in 2015 specifically to address our campus’s most critical deferred maintenance needs over a five-year period – this is when the website begins its documentation. In addition to the bond funds, the university also receives limited funds from the state for the same purpose – the site tracks these as well. 

HVAC Retrofit Sees Payoff

The University Services building has saved over $15,000 in only nine months from an HVAC retrofit project that was completed by BMS in June 2017 to improve the comfort for customers, increase BMS’ ability to troubleshoot HVAC issues in the building, and reduce energy consumption. 

Dairy Barn receives power upgrade

Thanks to deferred maintenance funding, the Electrical Systems team in Building Maintenance Services recently finished installing a new electrical panel that can handle 200 amps of power.

Room with a view: Tupper Hall railing replacement

This spring 2018, Tupper Hall, home to approximately 24 different departments in the School of Medicine and the School of Veterinary Medicine, is the site of a project to replace the rotting guardrails that line every side of the building from top to bottom.

Classroom Makeovers

Making the Upgrade at UC Davis UC Davis just finished renovations to 10 classrooms, another milestone in the Classrooms Work Group’s plan to refresh all 130 general assignment rooms at least once a decade. 

Details seldom go overlooked when it comes to upgrading a classroom at UC Davis, where decisions about whether to install whiteboards or chalkboards are data-driven and generate the same rigorous debate as must-have components in the tech systems. 

Landscape Renovation

Worn out and/or high-water landscapes received new irrigation systems and beautiful, low-water, plantings that support pollinators and are perfect for our area’s Central Valley climate.

Irrigation Improvements

In 2017 Grounds and Landscapes Services campus irrigation team installed smart irrigation systems.

Decomposed Granite Pathway Repairs

Highly trafficked visitor pathways constructed from decomposed granite were repaired behind Arboretum Headquarters and within the Mary Wattis Brown Garden of California Native Plants.

Hazard Tree Removal and Tree Maintenance

With deferred maintenance funding our Grounds and Landscape Services unit could hire an additional tree trimmer to help maintain the 14,000 plus trees on our campus.

Roofing Projects Across Campus

They repair and maintain roofs and gutters out in the baking heat and then search for often tiny cracks through which water can leak during winter rains – it isn’t easy being a roofer.

Kemper Hall Gets Fire-Ready

A deferred maintenance project to upgrade the gas detection and alarm system in Kemper Hall is underway, with the fire alarm crew taking the lead.