Hampton Sublett

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Position Title
Director, Office of Strategic Solutions


As Director of the Office of Strategic Solutions, Hampton Sublett is responsible for directly bolstering the long-term financial sustainability of UC Davis by collaboratively identifying and implementing a broad range of continuous improvement initiatives. To that end, he assembles and guides cohorts of campus & system-wide executives and subject-matter experts through a multi-month exploration process aimed at generating multi-million dollar proposals for recurring cost savings/revenue and campus-wide efficiencies. Upon senior leadership approval of each portfolio, Hampton mentors and oversees the project managers to ensure successful implementation of each.

Although several of these initiatives will improve inter-departmental workflow, quality and communication, delivering greater value to the organization, $30 million in new, annual funding (revenue and savings) is forecasted by June, 2023.

After nearly a decade that involved living in Europe twice, working for high-tech entrepreneurial start-ups in San Francisco and teaching, Hampton fulfilled one of his life’s goals of working for a higher education institution when he accepted a job at UC Davis in 2005. After leading teams of IT professionals and Project Managers for several years, he was fortunate to be offered a unique position aimed at driving organization-wide change initiatives which has evolved into his current role, as stated above. Hampton earned his Bachelors from Boston University, his MBA from the University of San Francisco and his Lean Six Sigma Black Belt from UC San Diego Extension.