The Strategic Solutions Team

Hampton Sublett
Director, Office of Strategic Solutions

Profile photo of Hampton Sublett.As Director of the Office of Strategic Solutions, Hampton Sublett is responsible for directly bolstering the long-term financial sustainability of UC Davis by collaboratively identifying and implementing a broad range of continuous improvement initiatives. To that end, he assembles and guides cohorts of campus & system-wide executives and subject-matter experts through a multi-month exploration process aimed at generating multi-million dollar proposals for recurring cost savings/revenue and campus-wide efficiencies. Upon senior leadership approval of each portfolio, Hampton mentors and oversees the project managers to ensure successful implementation of each. Read more...

Project Managers

The following campus leaders have (or are) proactively lead cross-departmental initiatives within the OSS portfolio. They are focused on generating tens of millions of new dollars annually to help forge a sustainable financial foundation from which to support and expedite the ongoing growth of UC Davis. If you would like to participate, please contact Hampton Sublett to discuss current and future opportunities.


The following proactive individuals are committed to supporting the mission of our university by lending their expertise, knowledge and time to ensuring the Office of Strategic Solutions is able to focus on its goals of efficiency and financial sustainability. It’s through their dedication and collaborative spirit that we’re able to grow the OSS services offerings and subsequent benefits, to our entire campus. We are indebted to them for their service.

Inaugural Exploration Committee

Below are the members of the inaugural cohort that worked collaboratively from across campus, UCOP and UCSF to generate six project proposals that are now in the process of being implemented.


Committee Members

Ex-Officio Members

  • Trina Giardino
    Executive Assistant, Office of the Chancellor and Provost

2nd Exploration Committee


Committee Members

  • Emily Galindo
    Associate Vice Chancellor – Student Affairs
  • Rich Engel
    Assistant Vice Chancellor for Alumni Relations and Executive Director of the Cal Aggie Alumni Association
  • John Campbell
    Associate Vice Chancellor for Divisional Resources, Student Affairs
  • Shelley Birdsong Maddex
    Assistant Vice Chancellor, Foundation and Corporate Giving
  • Tim Maguire
    Chief Procurement Officer, Accounting and Financial Services
  • Heather Hunter
    Associate Executive Director/Chief Revenue Officer
  • Scott Stevenson
    Creative Analyst and Business Enterprise Lead for UC Davis Student Affairs
  • Mona Ellerbrock
    Director, Office of Corporate Relations
  • Rocko DeLuca
    Deputy Athletics Director
  • Janice Corbett
    Business Manager of the Associated Students
  • Jason Lorgan
    Executive Director, Campus Recreation and Unions
  • Tom Hinds
    Director of Marketing and Branding, Strategic Communications
  • Kraig Brady
    Director of Hospitality and Dining Services, Student Housing
  • Yuxin Chen
    Marketing Consultant for Graduate Student Association
  • Jin Zhang
    ASUCD Controller


  • Solly Fulp
    University Partnership Program at UC Berkeley