Our Services

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Finding solutions, together.

The Office of Strategic Solutions (OSS) offers a myriad of services all aimed at helping employees feel empowered to improve the university. We can guide units or individuals through the project management lifecycle for campus-wide initiatives, coach you on Continuous Improvement methodologies such as, Lean Six Sigma including process optimization, culture shifts, strategic planning services, and more. OSS portfolio consists of several programs (collections of initiatives) and services (ongoing offerings).

For Lean Six Sigma, change management and business process consultation, please contact Interim Manager of Business Process Improvement Erica Aichwalder-Barclift.


  • Financial Sustainability Program: A collection of initiatives which directly generate or save hard (reinvest-able) dollars for departments or the campus as a whole.

  • Efficiency Program: A collection of initiatives that are aim to save time, eliminate waste, improve customer and employee satisfaction.


  • Central FOA Intake/Prioritization/Tracking Process for Investment Initiatives
  • - Create an inventory and high-level status of active and planned initiatives within FOA.
    - For new initiatives requiring investment, create a standardized Intake/Prioritization process to assist FOA Executives in the decision-making process.
  • Project Management Consulting
  • - Lead campus-wide Project Management Community of Practice.
    - Promote PM best practices across campus.
    - Facilitate matching PM mentors with mentees.

  • Continuous Improvement Culture Shift
  • - Create Training Program (Partner with UCSD, UCD Extension, SD&PS, OE).

    - Establish Continuous Campus Engagement Program.
    - Provide consulting services as needed.

  • Strategic Planning Services
  • - Work with department executives to develop long range goals, objectives and action plans.