ACE: Optimizing the Campus’ HVAC Systems

Generate Cost Savings by Optimizing the HVAC Systems in buildings across campus

UC Davis currently spends over $25M annually on energy, but estimates indicate that the optimization of the HVAC control systems for all campus buildings should result in an approximate savings of 15-20%, ($5M annually at maturity). Although it will take time to optimize each building across the campus, the Energy Conservation team will prioritize the buildings. This proposal recommends to nominally increase the size of their team with contractors for three years so as to double their abilities to optimize the buildings with the greatest potential for savings. After which, the team will rightsize and complete the remaining buildings over the remaining six years. Although requesting an initial investment up front, this initiative has a 12:1 payback by year 10. 

Since 2009, through the Statewide Energy Partnership (SEP) program, the Davis campus has netted $8M on its initial energy investments ($60M investment, plus $10M in utility rebates). These initial savings can be protected through a relatively low-cost ongoing commissioning program, the Active Commissioning Enterprise (ACE), which will track building performance and identify degradation, implement low-cost operational improvements such as scheduling and setpoint optimization and elimination of simultaneous heating and cooling, and provide the tools & monitoring to verify & sustain savings. 

Project Team:

  • Executive Sponsor: Allen Tollefson, Associate Vice Chancellor, Facilities
  • Project Champion: Joshua Morejohn, Manager, Energy Conservation Office
  • Project Manager: Justin Lewis, Sr Energy Project Manager, Energy Conservation Office
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Steering Committee:

  • Hampton Sublett, Director, Office of Strategic Solutions, FOA
  • Anissa Nachman, Director, Administrative Budget and Operations, BIA
  • Allen Tollefson, AVC, Facilities
  • David Trombly, Associate Engineer, Utilities
  • Joshua Morejohn, Energy Manager, Facilities Management