Implement process to capture savings from inbound and outbound shipping

The Freight Management initiative seeks to drive down the cost of inbound and outbound shipping. To reduce inbound shipping costs, we can join an existing UC-wide agreement, already in use at UC San Francisco, UC Berkeley, UC San Diego and UC Riverside to reduce freight charges on packages coming into the university by as much as 40 percent. To lower outbound shipping rates, the initiative seeks to develop a new, easy-to-use, effective and flexible technology tool to centralize and streamline outboard shipping services. This tool will greatly reduce complexity, harness existing discounts and improve the customer experience.

Project Team:

  • Executive Sponsor: Tim Maguire, Chief Procurement Officer, Accounting & Financial Services
  • Project Champion: Mike Morgan, Associate Director, Procurement
  • Project Manager: Jen Carmichael, General Manager, Distribution Services
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Steering Committee:

  • Tim Maguire, Chief Procurement Officer, Accounting & Financial Services
  • Hampton Sublett, Director, Office of Strategic Solutions, FOA
  • Anissa Nachman, Director, Administrative Budget and Operations, BIA
  • Phillip Lacey, Director, Distribution Services
  • Mike Morgan, Associate Director, Procurement
  • Additional members added as necessary