Reduce inventory costs by optimizing supply chain management and vendor consolidation

The Facilities unit currently spends approximately $1.5M to procure $9M worth of inventory (16.5%). By value-stream mapping the current procurement processes, it became clear that Facilities’ current supply chain and inventory management processes could be optimized, which would dramatically reduce costs and free up valuable UC Davis resources to be reallocated to areas of greater need.

Furthermore, only 16% of Facilities spend is purchased through strategically sourced contracts (450+ vendors used).  In recognition of these inefficiencies, this project will consolidate the majority of purchases to one vendor, and optimize supply chain management.

Project Team:

  • Executive Sponsor: Allen Tollefson, Associate Vice Chancellor, Facilities
  • Project Champion: Hampton Sublett, Director, Office of Strategic Solutions, FOA
  • Project Manager: Andrey Furmuzan, Business Services Manager, Facilites
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Steering Committee:

  • Hampton Sublett, Director, Office of Strategic Solutions, FOA
  • Anissa Nachman, Director, Administrative Budget and Operations, BIA
  • Sara Reed, Director, Shared Service Center
  • Allen Tollefson, AVC, Facilities
  • John Zertuche, Director, Facilities
  • Mike Morgan, Assoc. Director, Procurement
  • Eric Loveless, Supervisor, Facilities
  • Elizabeth Vaziri, Finance Officer, Facilities
  • Additional members added as necessary