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Recent Publications

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Capital Outlay to Support Additional Students

(Feb. 2018) Capital Outlay to Support Additional Students handout.
Download the handout (.pdf/673kB)

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Instructional Space Investments

(Feb. 2018) Handout providing an overview of investments to enhancement of student and faculty experience in instructional spaces.
Download the handout (.pdf/280kB)

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2017 Capital Projects Update

(Nov. 2017)  Learn more about the major ongoing capital projects on the UC Davis campus in this report.
Download the update (.pdf/8MB)

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2016 UC Davis Annual Report and Financial Statement

(Mar. 2017) The UC Davis Annual Report presents key statistics, financial data, and highlights of the many accomplishments of our faculty, students and staff.
Download the report (.pdf/6MB)


2014-15 UC Davis Annual Financial Report (.pdf/10MB) - The annual financial report sets forth the financial position of UC Davis for the fiscal years ended June 30, 2015 and 2014.

2015 UC Davis Sustainability Annual Report (.pdf/12MB) - 2015 UC Davis Sustainability Report, documenting the university’s progress towards key sustainability performance goals.