By BreAnda Northcutt
December 8, 2015

With an eye toward supporting the university of the 21st century, Vice Chancellor Dave Lawlor announced some adjustments to the Finance, Operations and Administration Division he oversees as the university’s Chief Financial Officer.

“As we continue to attract the highest quality students, grow research funding to historic levels and build $2 billion in new capital, we are modifying our organization to provide better support,” said Dave Lawlor. “Our goal is to focus and clarify roles and harvest synergies within our organization.”

Key areas of focus:

  • Focus campus planning, delivery and maintenance on the execution of a $2 billion prioritized Capital Investment Master Plan over the next 10 years. 
  • Support Human Resources to better equip supervisors, enhance communication and improve change management.
  • Sharpen business intelligence by using advanced technology to provide data for more informed business decisions.
  • Concentrate attention on animal care and aging infrastructure to support 600,000 animals.
  • Cluster essential services to harness the expertise of individuals with specialized skills in business and finance, communications and information technology.

An updated organizational chart can be found here