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December 1, 2016
By Lauren Riebs

Accounting and Financial Services is finding new ways to save the university money, this time through the reorganization of the university’s supply chain; responsible for the acquisition, delivery and payment of goods and services purchased for the university.

Tim Maguire, Chief Procurement Officer, is leading the reorganization in hopes of enhancing efficiency and support among departments. Under the new organization, Maguire and Supply Chain Management will oversee:

Accounts Payable, Travel & Entertainment: Consisting of Accounts Payable, Travel & Entertainment and Banking & Card Programs, this department supports the campus by disbursing vendor and individual payments and reimbursements for teaching, research and operational needs.

Procurement and Contracting Services: This department includes Procurement & Technology Operations, Strategic Sourcing and Procurement & Contracting Services. Together, the department delivers efficient procurement services through ensuring best value at the lowest possible cost.

Distribution Services: Comprised of Aggie Surplus, Campus Mail & Logistics and UCDHS Mail Services, Distribution Services supports the acquisition, distribution and disposal of university supplies and equipment.

“There is a natural synergy between these three departments,” explains Maguire, “We intend to look at these distinct areas and identify the best ways to align their business processes in order to increase efficiency.”

“We hope the new organization will help us gain a better insight and visibility to the needs of the campus”

Tim Maguire, Chief Procurement Officer

Previously, each department operated separately, each reporting to Associate Vice Chancellor of Finance, J. Michael Allred. By grouping these departments together, the university can take advantage of opportunities to save money by managing each step of resource flow in and out of the university.

For example, if a department is upgrading computers, the process goes through all these various departments. Procurement and Contracting Services can obtain deep discounts on products, such as computers, purchased in bulk. Accounts Payable then manages all the payment procedures, while Distribution Services ensures delivery of the product to the desired department.

In addition, the new supply chain management organization can help assess demand across campus, engage suppliers and ensure access to competitive bidding opportunities.

“We hope the new organization will help us gain a better insight and visibility to the needs of the campus,” said Maguire.

“Every dollar we save will help us on the road to fiscal sustainability”

Hampton Sublett, Director of Financial Sustainability

Already, two new systems have been implemented within the supply chain to increase efficiency and cost effectiveness. Procurement and Contracting Services replaced UCDBuy with AggieBuy, which is now live with new suppliers and an expanded range of products. Travel and Entertainment, a branch of Accounts Payable, began launching AggieTravel this fall, a modern user-friendly travel and entertainment reporting solution to replace MyTravel. Both of these services provide increased accessibility and a higher level of support to the UC Davis campus.

“Every dollar we save will help us on the road to fiscal sustainability,” said Hampton Sublett, Director of Financial Sustainability. “The reorganization aims to make better use of our existing resources and add more value to the university.”

Currently, the reorganization is in its preliminary stages. The Supply Chain Management Leadership Team is reviewing current business practices as well as working with UC Office of the President (UCOP) and other UC campuses to identify best practices across the UC system. Simultaneously, an initiative being lead by UCOP called Supply Chain 500 is focused on effective supply chain management across the UC system.

In addition, Maguire will be engaging the Davis campus at multiple levels of the organization to better understand the needs of the campus and acquire the Voice of the Customer. “It’s a work in progress. Over the next year we hope to put in place a strong supply chain management structure that will deliver value to the entire UC Davis Community.”

Lauren Riebs is a student news editor for the UC Davis Division of Finance, Operations and Administration.