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No More Bumps! Road Improvements Make For A Smooth Ride

April 06, 2017

By Lauren Riebs

Nobody – no bicyclist, motorist, bus rider or pedestrian – likes a pothole. On a campus with 21,000 bikes, 15,000 plus cars and 30 buses on any given day, and a combination of 40 miles of campus roads and paths and over 18,000 parking spaces, having a comprehensive pavement maintenance program is absolutely imperative. However, repairing a road or parking lot takes time and money. 

New Road Medians Bring Color to Campus

February 23, 2017

By Lauren Riebs

Sustainable landscape continues to brighten up campus

At UC Davis, even the plants have school spirit – featuring Aggie colors, yellow and blue. Along Old Davis Road, the newly planted median is home to vibrant yellow plants alongside the bold blue letter “D”, a structure by artist Fletcher Benton.

New Pipes for Tupper

December 01, 2015

December 2015