Causeway Connection Planning Role

Dear Intercampus Shuttle Riders,
One recent request from riders of the Intercampus Shuttle was for a participatory role in the ongoing planning for the Causeway Connection bus service.  As discussed in the October and November open house workshops, many of the details are currently under consideration and will benefit from direct input from the shuttle riders. 

Establishing a participatory role in the planning seems like a very positive opportunity. I invite your group to select a representative and contact me to start this process. I think that regular, direct briefings and collaboration meetings with me would be the initial type of interaction, and that possibilities for expanding the interactions could be established as we move forward.   

We will keep the Causeway Connection webpage updated and will ensure riders are kept apprised of future events, opportunities for input and decisions. 

As always, thank you for your interest and for your ongoing ridership.


Matt Dulcich
Director of Environmental Planning