Campus Security Standards Implementation

Photo of hand holding a card-key.
Photo of person holding a card-key.
Door access control system installed on Mrak Hall's north and south entrances.

The Campus Security Standards Implementation Project will improve existing electronic access control and video recording systems at approximately 150 campus buildings by the end of 2020. 

Bringing Standards to Security

Using a mix of university and federal/state grant funds, UC Davis is bringing critical security equipment used throughout UC Davis up to the same standard. Currently, the campus uses multiple electronic access control and video recording systems – few of which support centralized management for a coordinated response.

Benefits of Standardizing Existing Equipment

Replacing disconnected equipment and assigning its management to the UC Davis Police Department improves security in many ways:

Photo of call station at night.
Cameras atop emergency call boxes included in this effort.
Read "8 Emergency Call Stations Activated" (Dateline)
  • Dispatchers can report real-time video details to officers responding to equipped areas
  • Dispatchers can remotely monitor and control systems, if necessary
  • Building access can be granted/revoked quickly
  • Police Department manages compliance with privacy policies for electronic security systems.
  • Users with multiple access cards for impacted buildings will receive a single access card.

This Project Does NOT...

  • Add security equipment to facilities that currently don’t have any.
  • Impact Student Housing. Student Housing currently manages the security systems for all of their residences on campus. These systems have the ability to integrate with the campus system at a later date.
  • Change the ability of administrators of current electronic security systems to grant or revoke building access, or view video security images. 


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Project Advisory Committee

Jim Carroll
Associate Vice Chancellor
Design and Construction Management


Eric Kvigne
Associate Vice Chancellor
Safety Services

Allen Tollefson
Assistant Vice Chancellor
Facilities Management


Joseph Farrow
Police Chief
Police Department

Julianne Nola
Director of Major Capital Projects
Design and Construction Management


Jeff Rott
Director of Security
Police Department

Ardie Dehghani
Director of Engineering
Design and Construction Management


Nathan Trauernicht
Fire Chief
Fire Department

Leslie Carbahal
Capital Planning


James Patterson
Fire Marshal
Safety Services

Jackson Muhirwe
Deputy Chief Information Security Officer
IET Information Security


Michael Sheehan
Interim Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs
Interim Executive Director, Student Housing and Dining Services

Susan Collopy
Project Manager
Design and Construction Management