Face Coverings for Employees

stack of cotton face masks

Face coverings are available for UC Davis employees who continue to work on campus and do not have suitable coverings of their own. 

Yolo County Public Health issued a public health order on April 24, which requires that everyone wear a face covering outside the home, including at work.

For employees that continue to work on campus, but do not have a suitable face covering of their own, UC Davis is providing a limited supply of face coverings. Through May 15, face coverings are available in limited supply, provided free of charge to campus departments. 

Special thanks to the student employees at the UC Davis Craft Center for producing many of the face coverings available to the campus.  

More About Face Coverings

According to Yolo County Public Health, a face covering is made of cloth, fabric, or other soft or permeable material, without holes, that covers the nose and mouth. A face covering may be factory made, handmade, or improvised from ordinary household materials.

Members of the public should not purchase medical grade masks like N95 and surgical masks! They're in short supply and need to be reserved for health care providers and first responders.

Request Face Coverings

Departments in need of face coverings should have a single representative complete:

To complete the form, include your name, contact information, department information, number of people requesting face coverings and a list of names (for campus reporting purposes). Your department code is requested for tracking purposes; there is no charge for the face coverings. 

Once a request is reviewed and approved, you will be notified when the coverings are available for pick-up at the Hopkins Services Complex, 615 Hopkins Road, west of Highway 113.