Image of pergola outside the UC Davis School of Education.
AFTER pergola photo courtesy of Eva Guralnick, UC Davis School of Education.
Image of dilapidated pergola.
BEFORE: Prior to the renovation, the pergola wood was severely deteriorated.

Outside the UC Davis School of Education stands an L-shaped pergola – a location frequented by students, faculty and staff for informal meetings, learning and recreation. Decades old and deteriorating, the pergola had seen better days.

“The old pergola was in sad shape,” shared David Griffiths, UC Davis Facilities Management inspector/planner/estimator, “Much of the wood had deteriorated, was coming loose and at risk of falling down. Now, thanks to deferred maintenance funding, this pergola has been restored to new glory!”

The updated pergola is structurally sound, has a long lasting exterior stain, and 500 new aluminum slats that come with a lifetime warranty and a guarantee not to fade.

Image of UC Davis Facilities staff responsible for pergola upgrade.
Facilities Management staff Ryan Nelson (left)
Mark Stasinowski (right), senior physical plant mechanics, were responsible for the installation of the long-lasting pergola outside the UC Davis School of Education.

“We are thrilled for our community to have respite from the heat of the day under our repaired pergola,” says Dean Lauren Lindstrom. “It makes our building more attractive and welcoming in addition to providing much-needed flexible space.

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