Finance, Operations and Administration Status Updates

Operational status of various campus services. Updated regularly. Select from the topic lists below.
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Many of FOA’s on-campus services have changed as a result of the campus’s suspended operations status, but we are still here for you.
The updated operations information you see below relate to status of on-campus-only and/or in-person services.

In addition, most of our staff continue to work from remote locations and are available via email or other online communication vehicles. 

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A - D

Service Status Comments
ASAP - Academic & Staff Assistance Program Open Services will be performed remotely.
Accounting & Financial Reporting Open Services will be performed remotely.
Accounts Payable Open
  • Central Accounts Payable and Invoicing teams remain operational, with all staff working remotely. The team will make every effort to identify and process invoices mailed to campus through USPS, but it is best to contact your suppliers and notify them that they must email their invoices to Be sure all suppliers have a valid UC Davis Purchase Order referenced on their invoices.
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) will continue to be paid daily, including any reimbursements to employees enrolled in direct deposit. Paper checks will be printed on a reduced schedule, Tuesday thru Thursday, and be made available for pick up at the Hopkins Service Center. No check printing will be performed on Mondays and Fridays. Only check attachments scanned into Kuali will be included with disbursements – please do not mail attachments to AP.
  • Questions about invoices or payments should be directed to
Admin IT Client Services Limited

Help Desk & Remote Support

  • Most help desk operations will continue, with CS staff working from home to remotely support clients. (~70% of tickets are already resolved remotely, thanks to TeamViewer, BigFix, and other service management tools.)
  • Email and web ticketing options remain unchanged.
  • Voicemail to the shared help desk number (752-1222) will go in as tickets and will be tracked.
  • Technicians will still have individual VOIP access to send/receive UC phone calls for follow-ups.

On-site & Hardware Support

  • Routine on-site support and hardware replacements -- including workstations – will be temporarily suspended.
  • For essential on-site services (e.g., Police Dispatch support, critical hardware replacements), we will bring staff on-site as necessary.
Admin IT (all other Teams) Open Services will be performed remotely. All Admin IT managed systems will be monitored and operationally supported. Staff will be available to come on-site for any critical support needs.
AggieBudget Open The AggieBudget team is working remotely and available to assist. Email
Aggie Surplus Closed

Aggie Surplus will be closed until further notice. If you are a department with items for pickup, please complete and submit the request form on our website and we will arrange for service when normal operations resume.

Arboretum and Public Garden (APG)  

See also:

Community engagement programs planned and scheduled for spring are canceled. Volunteer teams' working hours are suspended.

Arboretum Open The UC Davis Arboretum will remain open except for the Arboretum Terrace Garden and Lois Crow Patio located in the Davis Commons. (Please note the Arboretum's headquarters, located in Valley Oak Cottage, will be closed with all staff working remotely.)
Asset Management Open Services will be performed remotely.
Bicycle Program Limited With the number of people on campus quickly decreasing, the UC Davis Bicycle Program encourages all who have left their bicycles in open campus areas but plan to leave the campus for an extended time, to remove their bicycles and store them inside their residences where possible. Learn more...
Budget & Institutional Analysis Open

BIA services will be performed remotely. See also:

Budget Office Open Services will be performed remotely.
Business Intelligence Open Services will be performed remotely.
Business Transformation (Office of) Open
  • OBT is available to consult on potential projects or Lean Six Sigma training opportunities for the future
  • Consultants will continue to provide project support to on-going projects
  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt trainings are canceled through April 30
Building Maintenance Services (FM) Limited Staff within various trades (plumbing, mechanical, structural, etc.) will rotate weekly. Staff will be on call in case of an emergency. For issues or status updates contact the Customer Experience Center at (530) 752-1655.
Campus Planning and Environmental Stewardship  

See also:

Campus Planning Open Services will be performed remotely.
Cashier & Payment Solutions Limited

The Cashier and Payment Solutions Office will be closed. Staff will process checks received through the mail or our dropbox on Tuesdays and Thursdays. All inquiries can be sent to

Central Storehouse Open The Central Storehouse at the Hopkins Services Complex is operating as usual. The hours are 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 to 5 p.m.
Conference & Event Services


Conference and Event Services will be open and working remotely. To reach the team, campus clients should email Off-campus clients and those with questions about full-service event planning and registration services should email

Previously booked events are being canceled as follows:

  • Greater than 10 people through April 30
  • Greater than 50 people through May 15
  • Greater than 150 people through the end of Spring Quarter
Construction & Heavy Equipment Closed Construction and Heavy Equipment is closed during the campus's suspension of operations. Email for more information.
Contracts & Grants Accounting Open Services will be performed remotely.

Controls & Accountability

Open Services will be performed remotely.
Costing Policy & Analysis Open Services will be performed remotely.
Custodial Services (FM) Limited

After deep cleaning classrooms and conference rooms, custodial staff will move to minimal services including emptying trashing in addition to cleaning and restocking restrooms.

Weekday service hours during suspended operations:

  • Day shift > 6:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (Normal staff count: 45 |  Adjusted staff count: ~22)
  • Swing shift > 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. (Normal staff count: 110 |  Adjusted staff count: 55)
  • Owl shift > 10:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m. (Normal staff count: 45 |  Adjusted staff count: ~22)

Weekend service hours during suspended operations:

  • 6:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. to address Vet Med Teaching Hospital, Shields Library, Fire and Polices and other high-use areas. 
Customer Experience Center (FM) Open To place a work order, campus customers can still call (530) 752-1655. These calls will be routed to staff working remotely. A voicemail will alert callers to expect a few more rings than normal.
Design and Construction Management  
  • UC Davis project sites are continuing construction, in accordance with the Governor’s Executive Order N-33-20. Learn more on the Governor’s website.
  • The DCM website has been updated to include coronavirus information for our on- and off-campus constituents. The update offers a new DCM email address (sent to DCM AVC & Directors) in the event there is a question regarding our efforts during the campus’ suspended operations.
  • 85% of the DCM staff are teleworking at this time. The remaining staff are either working [distantly] at DCM offices or on active job sites.
Disability Management Services Open Services will be performed remotely.
Document Shredding Limited Pickup of documents to be shredded is currently suspended. You may still bring documents to be shredded to 615 Hopkins Road during regular business hours. The documents will be securely shredded and you will be provided with electronic certification of destruction.

E - O

Service Status Comments
Emergency Management Open

Will remain fully staffed and available for response coordination. Will lead regular operational and policy check-ins via conference call.

Employee & Labor Relations Open Teams are fully staffed and working 100% remote.
Employee ID / AggieCard Limited The AggieCard office in the MU will be closed until further notice. If you have an urgent need for an AggieCard, please submit a request with a professional-type photo in a .jpeg file format. The photo should be taken on a white, off-white or other professional backgrounds. AggieCards will be sent to the supervisor or department contact via campus mail. If your department will be closed, please contact the Service Desk to arrange delivery.
Energy & Engineering Office (FM) Open Services will be performed remotely.
Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) Limited

Some on-site personnel are necessary for critical functions (e.g., Industrial Hygiene, Select Agent Program, Hazardous Waste), while most staff are working remotely:

  • 24/7 On-call program is operational, though there may be a delayed response.
  • DSC outreach and support continuing.
  • Title 19 existing annual inspections are supported and available to the extent facilities remain staffed.
  • Food Facility health inspections will continue. 
  • Hearing conservation and IIPP performed on a remote basis.
  • Chemical Hygiene supported on a remote basis.
  • Radiation audits being evaluated on a case-by-case basis in consultation with the Radiation Safety Officer.
  • Dosimetry supported on an as-needed basis. Incident response is fully functional.
  • Lab Safety Inspections modified to be performed remotely.
  • Field Research Safety support conducted remotely. In-person equipment check-out on an as-needed basis.
  • Bio Safety support for researchers, Biological Use Authorizations, and IACUC will continue on a remote basis. Support for COVID-19 research will be prioritized.
  • Hazardous Waste pick up will continue. Will monitor trip frequency necessity as volume may drop.
  • Air/Storm Water and Environmental Compliance are supported on a remote basis. Available to support in-person construction projects on campus as-needed.
  • LEHR – Servicing remote, though on-site support available for vendor access, O&M and groundwater. Emergency response available.
Environmental Planning Open Services will be performed remotely.
Equipment Management Open Services will be performed remotely.
Facilities Maintenance (FM)  

See also:

Finance Open

Finance is maintaining operations, with many services provided remotely. 

More information:

Financial Reporting Guidelines New  UC Davis, along with all UC campuses, will be required to provide monthly reports to the California Department of Finance on fiscal impacts from COVID-19 activity. To enable the tracking of COVID-19 costs, campus departments should use Kuali Project Code COVID19 on transactions to capture extraordinary costs that would not have otherwise been required in the normal course of business. Learn more about initial guidance for tracking fiscal impacts from COVID-19 activity
Fire Department Open Fully operational. Call 911 to report an emergency. For the status of an emergency, call 530 752-4000.
Fire Prevention Services Open

Construction inspections, plan review and fire extinguisher inspections will all continue.

Fleet Services Limited
  • Davis-Berkeley Shuttle is suspended through April 5. 
  • Fleet Services Motor Pool Office and fuel islands will be closed on weekends, effective March 21st. A Voyager fuel card is located in the vehicle key pouch for off-site fueling if needed.
  • Rental vehicles are available 24/7 through UCDrive
FOA Business Partners Open Services are being provided remotely.
FOA Communications Open Services are being provided remotely.
FOA Human Resources Open Services are being provided remotely.
GoClub Limited There will be no changes to membership unless a member indicates they would like to cancel or change commute modes. Please contact the goClub if you wish to make any updates by emailing Learn more about the status of other GoClub services, including carpool matching, Zipcar, public transit and the intercampus shuttle.
Grounds and Landscape Services (APG) Limited
  • Represented staff will be at home, sheltering in place, but on-call.
  • Every morning between 8 - 10 a.m., two members of the management team will tour campus to assess immediate landscape needs. In the event of an emergency, appropriate staff will be called in.
  • Should Police or Fire have an emergency need, they are to contact Interim Associate Director Tyson Mantor.
  • Additional support can be on campus within one hour.
Human Resources (HR) Open

HR services are available and are being provided remotely in most cases.

HR's Sacramento Office - Ticon III - will have front desk coverage per normal operating hours, to allow access for new hires/contract labor. 

HR is also providing critical, timely updates for employees and supervisors on two main pages:

See also:

Institutional Analysis Open Services will be performed remotely.
Leaves (HR) Open All leaves packets will continue to be sent electronically during this time period and will not be mailed.
Paid Administrative Leave (HR)   Up-to-date information found at
Locked Buildings (FM) Limited Starting next week, most campus buildings will be locked. If you need access to a building please call the Facilities Management Customer Experience Center at 530-752-1655.
Mail Services Limited
  • Campus Mail delivery is currently suspended. Please note: UCDHS Mail Services remains unchanged.
  • Campus customers can drop off mail and/or retrieve mail at Mail Services will-call, at 615 Hopkins Road, from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Outgoing U.S. mail delivered to drop box locations by 2 p.m. will be processed within the same business day.
  • Please work with vendors to hold freight items that have been ordered if those items are not already in the transportation chain and are not of immediate need.
  • Please do not place orders for supplies at this time, unless there is an immediate need.
  • FedEx and other carriers will continue normal operations. (If your department is closed, critical packages can be re-routed to Mail Services by contacting the carrier with your tracking number.)
  • Normal FedEx and UPS express mail service will continue until  further notification .
  • Bulk Mail Services will be available on a limited basis.

Special Messenger for urgent mail is available at this time. Requests will be considered on an ad hoc basis, based on staffing and other considerations.  

MRO Store Open

The MRO Store (Maintenance and Repair Operations) is operating as usual. Hours are 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, for shopping and 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday, for receiving.  

Occupational Health Open

Occupational Health Medical Clinic will remain fully functional

  • Physical Therapy services available to acute patients only
  • Workstrong and mental health services available by telephone
  • Respirator clearance and fit testing continuing for high-risk and labs
Onboarding (academics, staff and students) Limited
  • Effective Wed., March 18, all Onboardings will be “Virtual Onboarding” appointments. We will continue to use DocuSign and will witness the Oath via Videoconference (Skype, Zoom, etc.). UC will be allowed to temporarily delay in-person verification of I-9 documents. Once we resume in-person onboardings, the employee will need to return for the in-person verification. Please continue to work with your HR Generalist to schedule appointments and ask questions.
  • If an appointment needs to be canceled or rescheduled, please call the Service Desk, or work with your HR Generalist. 
  • If you need to modify a start date for a new employee, please submit an AggieService case with your HR Generalist. Changing an employee start date in UCPath is a somewhat lengthy and cumbersome process. The change will impact benefits and pay.  If you need to change a start date, please keep this in mind.
Onboarding (health care workers) Open

Onboarding of health care workers at UC Davis Health will continue with the majority of paperwork being completed electronically.
I-9 verification will continue to be done in-person per current federal guidelines.

Operating Status Suspended The Davis campus is suspending operations. 

P - Z

Service Status Comments
Parking Limited
  • Parking enforcement: Regular permit requirements will not be enforced on campus until further notice.
  • Permit dispensers: Daily parking permit dispensers are turned off and will not be operational until further notice. Parking permits are not required in non-restricted parking areas.
  • Parking permits: Parking permits are not required to park in regular permit spaces on campus, until further notice.
  • Parking permit refunds: Refunds on longer-term permits that expire later than April 1, 2020 will be calculated by charging the full monthly rate for any portion of each month the permit is held when enforcement is in effect. Associated processing fees will be waived at this time. Learn more about permit refunds.
Payroll Services Limited

Effective immediately, the payroll window will only be open Tuesdays and Thursdays 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Employment verification requests will be processed on Tuesdays and Thursdays. All other services are being provided remotely.

Police Open Emergency and safety services are fully operational. Call 911 to report an emergency. For the status of an emergency, call 530 752-4000.
Preferred Partnership Program (UP3) Open Services will be performed remotely.
Procurement and Contracting Open
  • Our Strategic Sourcing unit is working with contract suppliers to ensure that items are available in the quantities and timelines required by departments. We are working with our key stakeholders to increase the stock available in our central storehouses to meet the needs for Student Housing and Dining Services, and other public-facing departments, including custodial supplies, disinfectants, and sanitizers.
  • In order to display the most up-to-date product availability in AggieBuy, we are temporarily removing HOSTED catalogs for select suppliers. Visit Supply Chain Management for more information.
  • For previous AggieBuy orders, if an order/part of an order cannot be fulfilled by the supplier, you should reach out to the supplier directly to cancel the order, and close or void the associated KFS Purchase Order, to remove the encumbrance.
  • Procurement Card help desk remains operational, with all staff working remotely. New cards can be arranged for pick up at the Hopkins Service Center. Please contact with any questions or to request a temporary increase in credit limits.
  • Staff or faculty requiring residential delivery of purchases through AggieBuy should utilize address “Home”, which allows free-form entry of the address details. This temporary feature will be deactivated after the campus suspension of services. Please email to add permanent addresses for delivery.
Purchasing (SSO) Open For cancellation of existing documents related to travel or upcoming events, you will need to add notes to your original OPP request and the SSO Team will process. Please include detailed reasoning for the cancellation, including references to specific Government Mandate.
Putah Creek Riparian Reserve Open The UC Davis Putah Creek Riparian Reserve will remain open to the public and campus.
Real Estate Services Open Services are being provided remotely.
Repro Graphics Limited Repro Graphics remains on call for service, as needed.
Risk Management & Workers' Compensation Open

Services are being provided remotely. 

Safety Services Limited

The Safety Services front office in Hoagland Hall will be open on a limited basis, though phone calls and emails will be received by support staff.

Discontinued non-essential functions include the following:

  • In-person classes - health and well-being, industrial safety (lock out tag out, fall protection, confined space, forklift)
  • Controlled Substance inspections 
  • Injury Prevention in-person investigations 
  • Tulare state-mandated hydroprobes inspection (delayed)
  • Ergonomic in-person review 
  • Eye wash and shower station inspections

See also

SD&PS - Staff Development & Professional Services Limited
  • Career counseling appointments available virtually.
  • All in-person classes scheduled through April 17 are being rescheduled.
  • Employee benefits orientations available online
  • Thousands of e-learnings available through the UC Learning Center at
  • Tens of thousands of books, audiobooks and videos available through Books24x7
  • Contact the Staff Development and Professional Services team at for any questions, career counseling appointment scheduling, assistance finding or accessing resources, or for any other learning and development questions.
Scientific Store Open

The Scientific Store in Haring Hall is operating as usual. Hours are 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 12:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Shared Services Organization Limited

Most services will continue remotely, with the exception of mail services and document scanning at Cousteau, in-person onboarding of new employees, on-site review of employee files, and processing of subpoenas.

UCPath: SSO will continue processing entries into UCPath per established deadlines. SSO staff are working remotely and working to prioritize work to most closely meet the operational needs of the organization. 

Background Check/LiveScan: LiveScan appointments continue to be scheduled and results obtained from DOJ. Background checks utilizing Universal may experience some delays in completion due to the closure of county courthouse facilities.

Sign Shop Closed The Sign Shop is closed during the campus's suspension of operations.
Staff and Faculty Health and Well-being Limited
  • All in-person classes are canceled and programming is being moved online, including the Diabetes Prevention Program
  • Mindfulness Meditation is live online and details are posted at
  • The UC Davis Farmers Market is canceled. 
Student Accounting Limited
  • Office hours will be temporarily suspended through April 7. Students are encouraged to log in to myBill to conveniently check their balances and make payments. 
  • If you are receiving a refund, we encourage you to sign-up for Direct Deposit
  • Staff are available remotely at Contact an Expert or

Supply Chain Limited

Supply Chain Management remains open with some services offered remotely.

For more information:

Sustainability (Office of) Open Most services are being performed remotely. Suspended work includes in-person tabling and outreach activities, pick-ups at multi-bin waste receptacles, waste bin deliveries, signage placements and zero waste event services.
Tax Reporting & Compliance Limited
  • The Tax Office is closed. All services are being performed remotely.
  • All Glacier packets need to be submitted through the secure on-line file drop. Questions can be submitted to Tax Reporting and Compliance staff at
Transportation Services (TS) Limited

Transportation Services offices and kiosks will be closed through April 7. We will have a staff member responding to emails Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

More updates:

Travel Limited
  • AggieTravel and card program help desks remain operational, with all staff working remotely. Please contact with any questions.
  • If you booked your travel using AggieTravel, contact BCD to cancel and request a refund at 877-885-8632. If you booked directly with an airline or hotel, please request a refund directly from the airline or other vendors before doing anything further. Refer to the travel agency contact information and emergency assistance information as needed.
  • Include the project code COVID19 on all allocations related to cancellations or disruptions from the coronavirus (COVID-19). Visit the Financial Reporting for COVID-19 page for more information.
UCPath Center Open

UCPath phone service will be unavailable until further notice to accommodate alternate work arrangements for UCPath Center employees. UCPath online will remain available. Employees and transactors should continue to submit questions and requests online using “Ask UCPath Center.”

University Airport Open The University Airport remains open along with fueling service, however, the Fixed Operation Businesses (FOBs) are operating at their discretion.
Utilities Open Staff will rotate weekly. Staff will be on call in case of an emergency. For issues or status updates contact the Customer Experience Center at (530) 752-1655.
WorkLife Closed The WorkLife team is available remotely and working diligently on Remote Work Resources During a Disruption for UC Davis.
Workforce Strategies Closed The Workforce Strategies Team is working remotely and available. 

For questions about ePerformance and Annual Employee Appraisals, please visit