Contracting Out

New UC policy protects against excessive outsourcing

At its November 2019 meeting, the University of California Board of Regents adopted Regents Policy 5402: Policy Generally Prohibiting Contracting for Services for services that can be performed by university staff. To support this new policy, UC Davis is developing an implementation strategy to ensure UC Davis employees are performing the covered services to the greatest extent possible. 

In the rare event that a covered service must be contracted out, the university has convened a workgroup to provide recommendations toward developing a process for reviewing and determining these exceptions.

In a letter to university leadership, Chancellor Gary May stated, "I do not foresee approving any such requests absent written justification for each contract that it clearly meets the limited circumstances described in Policy 5402."

UC Davis Contracting Out Process Workgroup

The following individuals serve on the UC Davis Contracting Out Process Workgroup and are charged with identifying ways to bring in-house all covered services identified by Regents Policy 5402; develop a process to analyze, review and document decisions regarding requests to continue contracting out for services; and develop a communications strategy for sharing the final approved process with the university community. 

  • Erica Aichwalder, Manager, Office of Business Transformation
  • Jita Buno, Director, Purchasing, UC Davis Health
  • Lisa Frace, Chief Finance and Budget Officer (Chair)
  • Penny Herbert, Executive Assistant Dean, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
  • Julia Johnson, Employee and Labor Relations Manager, Human Resources
  • Christine Lovely, Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Tim Maguire, Chief Procurement Officer
  • BreAnda Northcutt, Communications Director, Finance, Operations and Administration
  • Lisa Pastore-Anderson, Chief Administrative Officer, Internal Medicine, UC Davis Health
  • Mike Sheehan, Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Housing, Dining and Divisional Operations, Student Affairs
  • Kirsten Stevenson, Interim Deputy Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Michael Sweeney, Chief Campus Counsel
  • Elisabeth Willoughby, Principal Budget Analyst, Budget and Institutional Analysis

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