University Closure Update

The University is currently closed. The following frequently asked questions are intended for UC Davis and UC Davis Health staff, academic and student employees. 

Updated at 2 p.m., Nov. 19

What does “campus closed” mean?

UC Davis Medical Center, medical center departments, medical clinics, Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital and Student Health and Wellness Center will remain open. The residence halls and dining facilities are open. The 24-Hour Study Room and Blaisdell Medical Library remain open with student ID or badge access only. All other buildings on the Davis and Sacramento campuses are closed. Do not come to campus unless you are an essential employee as designated by your supervisor.

I’m already on campus, should I leave?

Please confirm with your supervisor before leaving campus.

How do I know if I am an essential employee?

Your supervisor will contact you if you are needed to work. With fluctuating conditions, personnel deemed essential may vary based on campus needs.

Will I get paid during the closure?

Yes. All employees (career, probationary, contract, limited, temporary, per diem, floater, causal/restricted, student) who were scheduled to work during the closure period will be paid their regular compensation. Employees with previously scheduled sick leave, vacation, personal time off, or CTO will use appropriate leave accruals for that time. Read more on time reporting...

How will I know when campus reopens?

The campus remains closed until a notification from the University is distributed. University leaders are committed to providing timely updates. We recommend checking your email, the UC Davis news page, UC Davis social media accounts, and signing up for WarnMe text alerts.  UC Davis Health social media accounts and the Health system’s employee news pages will carry instructions for the Sacramento campus.

What if I’m deemed an essential employee, but can do my work remotely?

Please confirm with your supervisor.

What if I’m deemed an essential employee, but I work outside?

Please confirm with your supervisor.

Can my status as an essential employee change?

Yes. The UC Davis closure has been extended to Monday, Nov. 26. As such, departmental needs, essential functions and services may change. You will be notified by your supervisor if you need to report to work.

My supervisor told me that I am essential, but I cannot work. What should I do?

If an individual staff member designated as essential is not able to work due to illness, that individual should use sick leave consistent with normal university policies.

What if I’m deemed a non-essential employee, should I continue working remotely?

All staff should continue to work remotely, according to their work schedule, to the extent possible. For administrative staff this might include email, processing transactions online, and conducting meetings by phone or tele- or video-conferencing.

Where can I get my Nov. 14 paper paycheck?

For employees who have not received departmental delivery of their 11/14/18 paycheck due to the UC Davis closures:

UC Davis Health employee paychecks will be delivered to departments on Monday, Nov. 19.

  • By 11:30 a.m. for morning department deliveries
  • By 2:30 p.m. for afternoon department deliveries
  • Please note: you can call Mail Services as early as 8 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 19 to try and arrange for will-call pick-up, (916) 732-2146.

Davis Campus employee paychecks will be delivered to departments on Monday, Nov. 26. During the campus closure, employees may pick up their paychecks at Mail Services will-call, at 615 Hopkins Road,  from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

What can be expected of instructors and students during the closure?

For academic information, please review this initial list of Frequently Asked Questions provided by UC Davis Academic Senate.

What if the campus reopens, but I cannot go outside due to respiratory issues?

Contact your supervisor and act in accordance with usual policies (i.e., sick leave).

How do I report my time during the campus closure?

Campus Guidelines

  • All staff employees (career, probationary, contract, limited, temporary, per diem, floater, casual/restricted, student) who were scheduled to work during the closure period will be paid their regular compensation.
  • Employees with previously scheduled sick leave, vacation, personal time off, or CTO will use appropriate leave accruals for that time. Employees who were designated as essential and expected to work and who were absent are required to record their absence as sick time.
  • Consistent with normal procedures, supervisors and managers are responsible for ensuring time is recorded and for reviewing and approving time off with pay during the closure period.

Additional Information

  • No action is needed for campus salaried employees.
  • Time to be paid for hours lost during the closure for hourly workers must be entered into the appropriate time-keeping system. Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that this happens for all their employees prior to the payroll entry deadline (next biweekly payroll cutoff is Monday, November 19, 2018).
    • Time should be entered for all hourly staff and student employees based on their scheduled or customary number of work hours during the closure.
    • The notes section of the time entry should include the following (Date, Closure) to reflect that the pay is for time not worked but paid due to the closure.
  • As noted above, if employees had previously scheduled sick leave, vacation, personal time off, or CTO, those hours should be entered into the timekeeping system as usual, and approved by the supervisor.
  • If an employee was designated as essential and required to come to work, but was absent or went home, the missed time should be recorded as sick time.
  • Once entered into the time keeping system, the normal approval routing processes will occur. 

For UC Davis Health staff using Ecotime time and attendance

  • All employees, including salaried employees, directed by management to leave University property as non-essential should record the scheduled time away from campus with title code “Administrative Time” and the reason code “Approved Curtailment Leave.” Administrative time is paid productive time and does not reduce leave balances, and is subject to manager approval.
  • Timesheets for the current bi-weekly pay period ending 11/17/18 must be approved in Ecotime by 1 p.m. on Monday, November 19, 2018.

Are resources available to employees who need additional support to get through the challenges related to the Camp Fire?

Yes.  The Academic and Staff Assistance Program (ASAP) offers confidential, cost free assessment, intervention, consultation and referral services to all UC Davis and UC Davis Health faculty, staff and their immediate families.