Proposed Priorities and Goals for 2018-2019

  1. Establish a key set of standards or metrics that measure success
    • Work with our partners to determine what success looks like and how we measure it.
    • Establish standards as recommended by the workgroups.
  2. Evaluate organization structure to ensure efficiency and excellence
    • Address adjacency requirements
    • Align staff to better support operational units
    • Eliminate residual silos
    • Align organization to better deliver specific outcomes
  3. Clarify roles and responsibilities
    • Update position descriptions
    • Transition staff assignments to support new priorities
  4. Fill open provisions
    • Identify workload and skill set gaps
    • Recruit for open provisions with focus on business integration, not business as usual
    • Identify opportunities for growth
  5. Provide monthly financial reports to operational unit managers
    • Inventory of financial reports
    • Identify gaps in financial reporting needs
    • Consistently provide financial reports
    • Standardization of reporting methods and outputs
    • Automation of reports when applicable
  6. Meet quarterly with unit managers and Director
    • BPG Director to meet semi-annually with AVC leadership
    • BPG Director to meet quarterly with VC
    • Participate in operational unit meetings as requested
    • Develop a strategic relationship with AVC leadership
    • BP support team  to meet monthly with AVC leadership
  7. Budget and Forecasting
    • Implement Aggie Budget in FY 19
    • Refine implementation of Adaptive Planning, ensure seamless tie in to AB
  8. Communicate rate review process and expectations
    • Publish rate review process and ensure deadlines are met
    • Catalogue and inventory FOA rates and approval process (focusing on off cycle reviews and approvals)
  9. Ensure BPG and Colleagues’ Success
    • Participate in colleagues’ initiatives, projects and/or process improvements as required
    • Provide requested data and/or information in a timely manner
    • Lend a helping hand when needed
  10. Focus on Process and Efficiency Improvements
    • Cross-unit sharing of identifying and defining process improvement opportunities
    • Analysis of current processes and recommendations for best practices
    • Embrace changes with a positive attitude