Finance, Operations and Administration (FOA) at UC Davis oversees 13 unique units that help administer campus planning, facilities, safety, finance and resource management. To further strengthen our services, FOA provides six divisional resources to keep our operations running smoothly.

Recent News

Erika Jackson

March 17, 2016
"The better we can be at structuring our institution to facilitate student success, the more efficient we can be with university resources."

Paul Hasson

March 17, 2016
“I try to listen, open my heart and treat all my patients as if I were treating my wife, my parents or my friends.”

Michele Hassett

March 17, 2016
"As a public servant, my goal is to provide exemplary service to everyone with whom I interact."

Robert Guider

March 17, 2016
"We're a small group, I've made some really good friends here."

Lucas Griffith

March 17, 2016
“Ultimately, we steward the campus as a treasured place where scholarship and community thrive.”