Finance, Operations and Administration (FOA) at UC Davis oversees 13 unique units that help administer campus planning, facilities, safety, finance and resource management. To further strengthen our services, FOA provides six divisional resources to keep our operations running smoothly.

Recent News

Michelle Belden

April 21, 2016
“My job allows me to meet so many campus and public people and provides an opportunity to visit different locations on campus. On top of all that I get to be involved with supporting sustainability at UC Davis!”

Chelsea Schiano

April 06, 2016
"My goal is to make it as easy as possible for researchers to do their work safely."

The Unbreakable Tire Pump

April 06, 2016

By Lauren Riebs
April 4, 2016

At UC Davis, students and researchers are not the only ones encouraged to explore and pioneer creative innovation. In fact, UC Davis employees continually discover unique solutions to campus problems every day, such as fashioning a bike pump to withstand a university of over 15,000 cyclists.

Kiernan Salmon

March 30, 2016
"I like to stretch what’s possible and see how far I can push things, giving others some freedom to creatively approach a problem."

Bill Varley

March 17, 2016
“Staying at the forefront of technology for reduction of energy use and resources, is a hallmark of UC Davis construction.”