Finance, Operations and Administration (FOA) at UC Davis oversees 13 unique units that help administer campus planning, facilities, safety, finance and resource management. To further strengthen our services, FOA provides six divisional resources to keep our operations running smoothly.

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Our 2016 Retirees

June 23, 2016
Thanks and Congratulations to Our Retirees

Browse through stories about some of the our retiring employees, in recognition of their dedicated service to UC Davis.

Verne “Butch” Brodeur

Verne is retiring after 10 years as a technician for Microscope Services where he repaired and provided maintenance to over 1,000 microscopes throughout campus and the Medical Center. “We will miss Butch’s kindhearted nature and the personal attention he gave to his customers.” – Katie Jaramillo, Distribution Services

Facilities Management sets foundation for lifelong friendship

June 22, 2016

By Lauren Mascarenhas

When Brian Benchener and Steve Kynard started working for Facilities Management as construction electricians in 1995, they couldn’t have guessed that their time here would help cultivate a lifelong friendship.

After about seven years working as construction electricians, they finally met when they were both asked to join the alarm shop (their “anniversary” is April 1, 2002). Though first apprehensive about making the transition to the alarm shop, they soon made the place their own.

Rhonda Lake

June 09, 2016
“I enjoy the dynamic environment [at UC Davis] and working with so many dedicated professionals. The depth and breadth of knowledge is impressive.”

Inter-Departmental Effort Successfully Hosted Bernie Sanders Rally

June 08, 2016

June 9, 2016
By Lauren Riebs

About a week before the California Primary Election, over 9,000 students, faculty, staff, and community members turned out to greet one of the three remaining presidential candidates, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders.

Hutchison Field was magnetic and fiery with Davis political spirit, despite the 100° F weather. And thanks to the collaborative effort by several of our departments, the Bernie Rally was a major success.