Finance, Operations and Administration (FOA) at UC Davis oversees 13 unique units that help administer campus planning, facilities, safety, finance and resource management. To further strengthen our services, FOA provides six divisional resources to keep our operations running smoothly.

Recent News

Profile: Michael Bunt

March 14, 2017
"The best thing I like about working at UC Davis is the feeling of a family"

New Road Medians Bring Color to Campus

February 23, 2017

By Lauren Riebs

Sustainable landscape continues to brighten up campus

At UC Davis, even the plants have school spirit – featuring Aggie colors, yellow and blue. Along Old Davis Road, the newly planted median is home to vibrant yellow plants alongside the bold blue letter “D”, a structure by artist Fletcher Benton.

Profile: Pat Ruchirushkul

February 14, 2017
“I like the variety of issues that always seem to arise - it definitely keeps things interesting!”

A University for Everyone

February 14, 2017

By Lauren Riebs

Creating a safe learning environment for young undergrads and minors

In addition to the 27,000 undergraduates on campus every year, UC Davis provides learning opportunities for students and visitors of all ages, including minors under the age of 18. Bringing young, aspiring intellectuals onto campus allows them to engage with challenging course material, and to strive for greatness in their future.

Nathan Cardoza

February 02, 2017
“My favorite part about working at UC Davis is feeling like I am contributing to a higher cause.”