Reimagining Our Work - ROW 2016
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When: Monday, Feb. 29 – Leap Day
Who: All UC Davis staff
Crafting a Vision for the Future
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“In the weeks and months ahead, our efforts and activities will intensify as UC Davis moves forward with crafting our framework vision to establish the University of the 21st Century. It is exciting to imagine our future and the great things we can achieve by working together in 2016 and beyond.”

- Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi

ROW Day, scheduled for Feb. 29, is designed to create a more efficient and inclusive environment for staff and supervisors. 

ROW Day will provide UC Davis staff with an opportunity to spend as much of the day as needed to put forward their ideas on how to make our day-to-day work experience as rewarding as possible.

Organized by the UC Davis Staff Assembly, this initiative is aimed at finding ways to better organize work spaces, review and improve inefficient business practices, and hold team-building events to foster collegial relationships.

The idea for ROW Day came from a discussion during the 2014-15 Breakfast with the Chancellor series. Staff Assembly had heard from staff that heavy workloads and inefficient processes left them feeling like they didn’t have enough time to engage in new initiatives.

ROW Day, scheduled on Leap Day, will help us work together to improve workplace practices in the immediate future. And it will assist in creating an outline for a model workplace for the University of the 21st Century.


Examples of how to make this day a success in your unit include:

  1. Host a staff meeting to review business practices and identify opportunities to improve efficiency.
  2. Facilitate a fun, team building activity to help foster stronger relationships.
  3. Support a staff-choice day by empowering staff to decide how to use the day to best improve their effectiveness.
  4. Moderate a strategic planning meeting with all levels of your department.
  5. Set aside time for staff to better organize individual and shared work spaces.

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We want to hear from you!

Let us know what you plan on doing so we can share ideas here for others to get inspired.


Here's what some staff members have said:

"I plan to use the day to learn a new piece of software I’ve been wanting to learn to help me keep my projects and programs better organized." - Hampton Sublett

“The CFO Communications Office is planning to use the time for team building and developing strategies to support the division’s principles of 1) resource stewardship, 2) excellence in planning and execution, 3) delighting our customers and 4) inspiring our people.” – BreAnda Northcutt

“The new Business and Finance Partners group within the VC-CFO is planning its first all staff in-person meeting to help us get to know one another better and begin to tackle at least three processes that need updating and streamlining.” – Diane Davies-Conley